Does western culture have a good influence on children's character

Asked by: laxmanSC
  • Western culture does have a good influence on children's character

    The education of girls would not have been possible if the British would not have encouraged the education of girls and make it compulsory. Also they introduced physical training to all children so that they become bold and masculine. Now women are not scared of all the eve teasing happening around. They have learnt to be bold.
    This gives an advantage to westernization.

  • Western culture is a curse

    Western culture leads to selfishness, characterless, over-worldly, spiritually degraded, morally corrupt, lusty, greedy beings, and I mean it. I am shocked at how the western people rather becomes proud on hearing this.
    Western cultures is harmful for Indian and other Eastern values. In the past, people used to be social, friendly, and caring about each other. Now, due to invasion of western culture, depression, introversion, selfishness has cropped up. Children have become lusty and dull, their innocence lost. We cannot tolerate this anymore.

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