Does Western culture influence children's character in a good manner?

  • What does Character Consist of?

    What does it mean to have a good character? Ultimately, it must mean something like "a character which contributes to a person's well-being and to their ability to interact honestly and meaningfully with the world around them." If we use this definition, then Western society has contributed more to the good character of children everywhere than any other.

    The reason is simple: Western culture gave us science. Science is by far the best way to learn about reality. Having an accurate view of reality is the best way to improve one's own life and a precondition for best interacting in honest and meaningful ways with the world around us. So yes.

  • Western lifestyle does have a Good influence on children's character

    The girls have started to go to school. It would have been not possible if the British hadn't started schools in India for girls. Now more than 75% of women have education and some also have job.
    Also now because of education, women are getting bold. Some are getting physical training to help themselves anytime.
    So western culture does have a good influence on children's character.

  • Western culture has done some for the people but it is not good enough

    Of course western culture has aided in the advancement of science, medicine and education, but i find as a student and a teenager, it has corrupted the minds of our generation. Western culture embodies wealth, corporate greed, extensive capitalism and striving to be the best by putting others down. The good character is simply not there, the government has been so focused on things like defense, economics, security, which mind you are all important things, they fail to address morals, values and strength of character.

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