• Clowns over there --->

    How would all you clowns to the right like it if someone told you I'm wearing this because I want to wear it and they were wearing a shirt that said ^$#&()! @ Racial Slur. That gives people poor images. So if all you clowns want to say wear what you want and express yourself and some racist expresses himself by wearing shirts with racial slurs, Then how do would you like that. BLM humans BLM

  • Yes. I judge people base on their clothing.

    We all judge at the first sight and then we fall out of love or stay in love. So we all judge outside appearance. If don't like something that we see, We don't touch it. That's the way human beings about what they like and don't like. This is best reflected in the saying: The beauty is in the eye of the beholder. "

  • Does what you wear really matters?

    Well for some people it does and for others it doesnt. Many say that a first impression is important for example if u met a girl you like then the first impression is important. And for example if you have a job interview a first impression is important. But we are diffrent we do stuff diffrent

  • Yes - it says a lot about you!

    You can dress any way you want to express yourself, And I believe people will still like you whether you dress trashy, Sloppy, Offensive, Stylish or to-the-nines. They will be friendly and you may think clothing doesn't matter. But, Are they going to respect you? The way you dress is part of what makes up your character. The way you dress affects the type of people you will attract in your life. If you want to make great connections that will help you succeed in life, Then you need to dress appropriately for the occasion and in good taste.
    I attended a funeral where a few guests came in hoodies and sweatshirts. It looked like they didn't care enough to dress appropriately. Dress like you care. And if you don't, That's okay, But it won't get you very far in life.

  • This is GODS temple you are showing off with

    The way you dress may make you loss dignity in the community and
    makes God unhappy and its disgusting for a girl to show off with her
    body, Showing her bums her cleavage which shows that she doesn't
    respect herself and that could lead her to PROSTITUTION and that
    is a sin towards GOD

  • Yes because apperance

    You can be juged based on your apperences because of the way you look and dress like and also if you are better than they seem to bully you because they are jelly so you can confrunt them by wearing what they wear or how they act to you to them

  • Yes but not in the way you think

    It is important to not dress trash , but on how 'well' you have to dress is not straightforward and linear, it depends on so many things. Its like going from a shitty dangerous and bad car to an acceptable mid range car, and then going from a mid range car to a luxury car, once you have reached the mid range car you have reached the threshold where anything above is now diminishing returns, you don't have to dress super stylish but you have to dress with common sense and not be sloppy, eg black suede trainers black jeans dark green coloured checked shirt and a grey beanie and your good to go. Theres no excuse for dressing truly sloppy, its easy to be minimalistic and put together.

  • It does matter but not in the way you think

    Its like the concept of earning large amounts of money compared to earning enough to live, sure extra things are cool and some may like them but the jump in quality of your life from being poor and homeless to living in a place with a roof above your head and enough to eat is a bigger jump, and mentally positively changing than going from a roof above your head to a bigger roof above your head with better quality foods.
    The way I see it is like a threshold with accompanying diminishing returns at certain levels, as long as you don't dress complete trash (unwashed terrible fitting uncoordinated unmatched bad smelling) then your pretty much fine, you can wear blue jeans and a black t shirt and black trainers and you can look good, its such a simple outfit but it just works and goes together and works in most situations, just be aware sometimes you have to wear a suit such as weddings and fancy dinner dates if that's your thing.
    If you wore that same simple outfit but with the wrong colours it also looks bad for example green t shirt blue jeans and red trainers, it just looks unput together
    for me I normally keep it pretty simple, most of the time its on of these outfits
    black trainers black jeans white t shirt dark green checked shirt grey hoodie and a maroon coloured beanie
    black trainers black jeans blood red and black checked shirt black pullover hoodie and a black/grey beanie
    and sometimes ill put a denim jacket on top
    personally I feel happy with these two outfits and wear them most of the time, they are coordinated comfortable and I feel like they fit my personality and style right.
    Its more important to dress not trash than it is to be overtly into fashion standards which always change

  • External and internal value

    It matters in the sense that it will make a difference with first impressions in career/networking opportunities. But it should not matter in determining one's internal value. For example, one's internal confidence should not depend on the kind of physical material one is wearing - that would make one's self internal value very fragile

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  • It shouldn't matter what you wear, but how you behave.

    I don't think that it matters what you wear as much as how you behave. I believe that clothes are supposed to show the type of behavior you emanate. For example, at a fancy dinner you wear proper clothes in order to show that you are meant to behave properly. But I think that everyone should be able to wear whatever they want to any occasion, whether it be shorts to a wedding or a suit to the mall, as long as they behave in an acceptable manner. This way, everyone can dress the way they desire without being judged. In modern society we are too often judged by our clothing rather than our behaviors and personalities. If anyone could wear whatever they wanted in any situation, then this would be less of an issue.

  • Not always !

    Its good to be presentable. But there is a huge difference between being presentable and being over influenced by fashion. It all depends on the way you carry yourself. People judge you regardless of what you wear so thinking of what others might think if you don't look posh enough is pointless. Your wardrobe does not define you. Your dressing sense does not make you stand out in the crowd,it might but then its temporary. At the end of the day its your skills,your achievements that define you.

  • It does not

    No one's decision is more important in one's life than ours. People who think they are being judged, They may have been, But judgments always have short lives and what you what is what really matters. It does not been that you wear a wedding dress in a memorial, But it is about personal choices!

  • Who cares what other people think:

    It's our choice, Why do people complain about what other people wear so what it's their life and if they feel comfortable what does it matter, Yes usually you would go to a meeting and wear something smart but it's still your choice on what you wear so wear what makes you feel comfortable don't let anyone tell you any different, It's your life live it as you not someone else.

  • I don't think so.

    It is not important to me because I don't care about it. I don't judge people by the way they dress. However, I judge people based on how they act, What they do, And how they treat other people in their surroundings. I think people who judge others based on a piece of rag are shallow.

  • We are number one

    There is no reason why I can't where whatever want you should dress how you want to there is nothing stopping you so wear something crazy like pink and green I like to wear a lot of black shorts and my mom always complains and I get so mad but I feel like no one can judge you be yourself like if you like pineapple pizza then you like to call someone ugly cause of there clothes that's stupid

  • It Doesn't Matter whatsoever!

    Wearing your own choice of clothes expresses you and yourself only. If other people don't like you for what you wear, you don't have to care! Let them say what they are saying and you keep going as you are. Just Be yourself and YOU Express yourself and GO CRAZY

  • You are you.

    You are you and no one can change that.Sure they can say you suck or you look bad they are just jealous because your are better than them.So be a bird and spread your wings.Dont let the haters bring you down be a maverick and carve your own path in life it doesn't matter what you wear or how you look like you are you and that's how you are you.

  • In the Job hunt it does, though it shouldn't

    Like it or not, (all honesty even I don't) but we live in a judgmental day and age. So unfortunately you won't be give a chance by many people, (whether or not you have skills in an area of interest) if you don't look the part, (AKA look like everyone else or as close to identical as everyone else). Am I saying it fair, of course not. Actions speak louder then words, and words speak louder then cloths, but unfortunately A huge majority of people can't see that as fact. So until A majority of us can be on the same page, (on this book of life) the answer will be yes, (though with all being said you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover).

  • Only if you're shallow.

    If you're shallow, judgemental or lack self-esteem, then yes, it does matter. But you're more likely to find good people whom you enjoy spending time with by socializing and being a good person. And now I am just going to go on and on just to fill out more words because apparently fifty words are needed.

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