• yes it does

    yes, a lot of places that look at where you went to college at see if you went to a big school or a small one. I think that a school like harvard would matter a whole lot more than one like the small school in arkansas i am at.

  • Yes, I think where you went to college does matter.

    I think the most prestigious school you went to may make your resume more impressive then someone who went to a school that nobody had ever heard of, so while it does matter if you went to a school that is known across the country it does not matter as much if you went to a school that nobody had ever heard of because so did almost everyone else.

  • Yes it does.

    It does matter where you went to college. There are better schools and worse schools to get a degree from. You can tell because if you are from a high ranking college, then you will have a much better chance at getting the job over someone else who did not.

  • With rare exception, no.

    We're at the point where it's even less important to have a degree than ever before, but a degree still matters to some extent in the job market. However, with the exception of a few select ivy league schools, most institutions are viewing exactly the same. The thing that matters is the degree and the field.

  • Where you went to college definitely matters.

    I think that where a person goes to college definitely matters. Some colleges are looked at as being more prestige than others. And sometimes, they can influence what jobs you get in the future. That is why there is a significant importance to where a person decides to go to college.

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