• It does of course:

    Another name for "White Privilege" is "Power of the Majority" or "Tyranny of the Majority", and it is very real. What it actually implies is an extension of assumptions and rights that do not line up with reality based on stereotypical thinking. For instance though white males are more likely to speed black males get pulled over more often (http://www.Boston.Com/globe/metro/packages/tickets/072003.Shtml) and that presumption and privilege is exactly where the idea get's it name. It is not something that is particularly undue as it is biological (http://www.Popularsocialscience.Com/2012/11/09/why-people-favor-their-own-kin/) but still problematic in a world as diverse and connected as this.

  • My black friend

    Its funny, every racist has their one black friend--his name is token. He is there for every conversation in which someone is talking about how it is tougher being a minority than a typical American. Of course it is tougher being a colored citizen if for no other reason than they come from families that were denied many rights until very recently. I do think things are getting better for African Americans. But there are realities such as driving while black and more seriously greater poverty and incarceration rate. These are complex issues, but there is no reason being an American should be harder simply because you happen to have a darker tone of skin. This does not excuse criminal behavior, but rather calls attention to the circumstances surrounding any specific act.

  • The only NO opinion agrees that favoritism exists.

    The only NO opinion agrees that favoritism exists. And yet, they provide no reason that favoritism is any different than privilege. In fact, I would argue that favoritism is in fact a form of privilege, because it means that people are on average educated to believe that certain things are true, meaning that institutions are set up for whites.

  • Just another comical conspiracy theory at work here

    White priviledge doesn't exist. Privilege implies wealth. It's white FAVORITISM that exists. Favorable treatment in law, jobs, landowning, farm-owning. That's what white people get. There is no priviledge on the basis on race. None at all. None. It's all favoritism -- treating others with more favor than other folks treated.

  • This is an American question

    Does white privilege exist in the USA, yes to an extent, but this is a different question, does white privilege exist worldwide, no. As yes arguer has stated, privilege depends on the majority the majority of the world is not white, what would be classified as 'white' would actually be the minority. On to next point that white and indeed black are not races, who exactly are these white people, would they include white people living below the poverty line from Poland, Chechnya or Yugoslavia, do they have more or less privilege than a black person, next what do we define as black, are people from middle east, Asia or south America defined as black or white and do we take into account varying skin complexions, does a Saudi Arabian man with darker skin have more privilege than a lighter skinned Brazilian man. Privilege can also exist dependant on many other factors such as level of education, wealth, culture or class ie a well educated Kenyan immigrant to america will have had more privileges than a poor, Syrian man with little education born in a rural location, although one is 'black' and other is 'white'. Privilege is subjective and based on circumstance, race or cultural identity may play a part but again is subjective, and since this world is not made up of just blacks and whites the question has no real answer

  • I don't think this privilege exists in this context

    Today, I think privilege is obtained not granted. By that I mean that if you work hard and do well you will be more privileged in society than others but isn't that the American dream? As far as employment I have seen minorities hired above someone else because they had to fill a quota. I do not believe in quotas I believe in the best person for the job. As far as getting pulled over by police more often I believe they usually pull someone over for a reason. And, unfortunately if your appearance screams hoodlum you will get pulled over. Where I live if you are white, wearing a do rag, look menacing, and are speeding you will be pulled over more than anyone else, same for any other ethnic group. You cannot blame the police for doing their job, if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck it's a duck. One of my closest friends is a black man who owns a very successful business. He will not hire anyone who has the attitude and appearance of a hoodlum. He does not care what color you are but he does care how you would affect his business if he hired you. As pointed out by blackkid in his/her post there is research that definitely states people tend to gravitate towards other people like them. This is true of all people. Favoritism does exist, this is how we pick our partners and friends.

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