• As a white man, yes, I do have privilege

    I can walk into a store for "help wanted" and get the job with less skills or requirements than my black friends.

    I can walk into a convenient store late at night and not get mischievous looks, but if I was black, I would not be going into that store without getting a look or two from people.

    I walked down the street with my black friend passing out flyers for a community event. The flyers were in a plastic bag, so I took out my pocket knife and tore it open. I also used to knife to cut the tape that held the flyers on doors. Anyway, I said to him, "Hey how about this. I hold the flyers and tape while you hold the knife out." He says to me, "No man, I can't." "Why?" I asked. He said,"Because, well, you know. It doesn't look good." And then it hit me. I can walk down the street holding a knife (and since I live in Texas, I can practically go down the street with a semi-automatic weapon) and no one would bat an eye. But if he so much carries anything like a knife or whatever, police would be pulling over, asking questions, and everything. If my race has more freedom than other races, I'm privileged. For that whole time we were passing out flyers, I felt bad for him. Yet, life goes on.

    Aside from life experiences, I have science and statistics on my side. There's statistics that if I get a job, I will be making more than my fellow black or hispanic/latino friends. Not part of the discussion, but that includes women. Here's the link:

    This all is just the scratch of the surface though.

    Here's what a comedian I like said:
    "Here's how great it is to be white: I can get in a time machine and go to any time, and it would be awesome when I get there! That is exclusively a white privilege. Black people can't mess with time machines! A black guy in a time machine's like, "Hey, anything before 1980, no thank you. I don't want to go." " - Louis CK

  • Over black people yes

    Unfortunately we live in a country that is intensely rascist, so, yeah, black people get treated like trash.
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  • No it does not.

    White privilege is nothing more than a way to shut up a white person in a racial debate. "Oh yeah? It's easy for you to say that when you have so much White Privilege! #checkyourprivilege."

    If you, as a person of color, have a hard time getting hired at a certain business, but you see less qualified white people getting hired all the time, the argument could possibly be made that the boss is a racist prick, and if so, he should be prosecuted to the full extend of the law. But how exactly does that give you grounds to go around making unsuspecting white people feel guilty for the color of their skin?

    Is that what we are teaching our kids now? Don't fight racism when you see it, just create more racism.

    I marginally agree with what stschiffman said, since I grew up near the Mexican-American border. I pushed carts at Wal-Mart for 2 years, watching all of my co-workers get slowly promoted, despite the fact that none of them were bilingual like myself (they were all spanish-only speaking Mexicans. And I don't exaggerate when I say the word "all") my "White Privilege" sure didn't help me out down there.

    Our privileges and challenges are complex and subjective, but it should never be allowed to make ANYONE feel guilt, sorrow, or pain simply because of the color of their skin.

  • Wheres my college scholarship for being white?

    Every other color of skin but white get scholarships to go to college! America needs to grow a pair and realize that there is no such thing as "race" we are all the race of human being and no matter the color we all deserve to be on equal ground no privilege for anyone! Instead we must all live on a level ground.

  • Some Are Privileged, but Everyone is Not

    "White Privilege" is an argument made by actually privileged people who are trying to spread the blame among everyone like themselves. That way, they don't get specifically identified as individuals for the privilege they have. Instead, society is blamed in general.

    Do some people benefit from bigotry? Absolutely, but that doesn't mean everyone does. The correct solution is identifying what types of people benefit from it, and then making them pay for it.

  • Its a myth

    There are a set of advantages and a set of disadvantages for every group--men, women, blacks, whites, Asians, Muslims, Christians ect. Some groups have more disadvantages than other groups. I think whites have less disadvantages than other racial groups but still, we have disadvantages. 5% of whites in America owned slaves yet we are all collectively blamed for slavery. Hate crimes and racism against us is ignored. We face systemic racism in the form of affirmative action. We are assumed to be racist and we have to go out of our way to prove that we're not, and even than we still are called racist. When we try to talk about the problems we face we are called whiny and silenced.

    The disadvantages one faces in life, regarding class, health, disability, social life, family and other things can override the advantages one gets from being white. Who cares if you are less likely to be pulled over by police when your son has cancer? At the same time the disadvantages one gets from being a minority can be overridden by advantages they get from being rich, able bodied and healthy. Who would you rather be? A homeless paraplegic veteran with post traumatic stress disorder or a rich black woman?

  • It's a Myth

    As a white person, I can say for certain that my race has never given me any privileges. I have the privilege of being five times more likely to be a victim of black on white crime, but that's about it.

    Do I have any government programs that benefit me? No.
    Do I have any scholarships for me? No.
    If I scream "racist" will anyone come to help me, even if there's no harm being done? No.

    So, where again is my "white privilege"?

  • "White Privilege" is for whiners

    People who say that they can't get a job because they are a minority are either lying, or don't know the laws at their disposal. If you don't get a job, and you felt that you were unfairly treated because you were a minority, you have the capability to make a case, and sue the s@#$ out of that employer. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 for those that are unaware.

  • Needs to stop...Unless you really want civil unrest/war.

    What's that old saying...'perception is reality'? More like 'perception caters to my uneducated, warped, bias views and I don't have to bother to be objective and research facts.'

    This is nothing more than a childish game of name calling, and manipulation tactics to take from others. More concerning, this is history repeating itself...Not that this is a new proposal...But this is exactly what Hitler did. He laid blame for all of the 'misfortunes' of one race on another. And it all starts with $%&# like this...Very simplistic, then it festers and grows... Terms like this serve no purpose but to divide society and create enemies/issues where there were none.

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