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  • Lot's of studies says it does.

    The more "stereotypically black" a defendant looks in a murder case, the higher the likelihood he will be sentenced to death. This is perhaps one of the most horrifying findings in a list of horrifying findings. To quote the study, “the degree to which the defendant is perceived to have a stereotypically black appearance (e.G., broad nose, thick lips, dark skin)” could mean the difference between a sentence of life or death, particularly if his victim was white. Read the whole study; it’s fascinating. Conversely, white people falsely recall black men they perceive as being “smart” as being lighter-skinned. Here's another incredible, though not entirely surprising study finding. When white people encounter the faces of African American men they are primed to believe are “educated,” they later recall those individuals as being lighter-skinned than they actually were. The researchers developed a name for this phenomenon: “skin tone memory bias.” This compulsion was chalked up to stereotypical beliefs about dark skin and its correlation with negative traits. To reckon with the cognitive dissonance created by perceiving a black man as “educated,” white participants unconsciously realigned that intelligence with skin that more closely approximated whiteness. A number of studies find white people view lighter-skinned African Americans (and Latinos) as more intelligent, competent, trustworthy and reliable than their darker-skinned peers. A 2006 study found that dark-skinned black men with MBAs were less likely to be hired than lighter-skinned black men who only possessed bachelor’s degrees. A 2010 study in North Carolina found that light-skinned black women received shorter prison terms than darker-skinned black women. And a 2012 Villanova University study found that, “African American and Latino respondents with the lightest skin are several times more likely to be seen by whites as intelligent compared with those with the darkest skin.” Black sounding names get 50% less resume responses with the same damn qualifications as white males:

  • Yes, of course it does.

    Whits privilege is thriving off of people who refuse to acknowledge it. Even in non-black cultures. I am half filipina-half white. I am often shown incredible favoritism with my filipino relatives, and disregard when in whiter places. I have been told that I can not get a role in a play because my heritage ruins any "good looks" that I might have had. My African-American siblings feel this too. While I am not saying that white people can not be the victims of racism, I am saying that a general preferences to Caucasians do exist.

    For example, think of the Oscars. Overwhelmingly white. Even though they have included some well-deserving African Americans, do some research on the other minorities they have excluded. Please do look it up. Specifically asian and hispanic minorities. Shocking.

    White privilege is still real, and including some African Americans in the Oscars, does not fix it.

  • Priviledge is still real guys

    First of all, I would bet money that the majority of the people saying no are white. Second of all, I am white. I was born and raised by white parents with no relatives that are anything other than such save for my aunt, who is Hawaiian. My mom is a psychologist and has taught me from a young age that everyone has biases and no one is or ever will be completely free of judgement. This applies to white priviledge: think about this and be completely honest. If a man bought a box from a Safeway that was empty and brought it back to the store saying this, would you be more likely to believe him if he was white or black? 90% of you will say white, but are you really telling the truth? Probably not. I suggest you take this quiz ( ). It is not the best way to judge priviledge but it will bring to light some things people who are not white have to deal with (if you are white). I also suggest taking the Project Implicit tests made by Harvard students, specifically the one on biases against races. It's very eye-opening.

  • White and poor

    No white people are no more privileged in America than any other race lots of white poor people just because whites are a majority race does not make them more privileged infact many whites are faced with discrimination from non whites today if anything whites are under privileged in America because of the leftist propaganda

  • RAcist poeple y gud

    Stopn being racist it isnt good to br very rufe to other people a diffefent race and people who think white privlaged people are cool they are not it is just disgusting what they are ding and i think that it shouldnt be legal and everyone who goes with white privelage should go die in a hole

  • I'm a perfect example.

    I was raised poor in a ghetto black neighborhood where I got in fights with many people because I was white. Most people there would not help my family nor hire my mother for work because of our race (even when overqualified). I was put into foster homes and moved around a lot, got kicked out, and was homeless for a short period. My race only ever seemed to be harmful in places I lived.

  • It's not racial, it's cultural

    Unfortunately in a lot of inner cities, it's considered cool to not be intelligent and seek an education. These individuals idolize drugs and gangs. This leads them to have a life of crime, not respecting authority or normality. A lot of it has to do with gangster culture and poor education/lack of police. We have all seen these types of people, the people with bad attitudes, baggy clothes, facial tattoos, etc... Of course someone like that will be sentenced more harshly than someone apologetic and polite.

    I can speak for just about everyone when I say that almost noone (except the most extreme, actual racists) has a problem with a black person who is a decent, respectable person with a good attitude.

    It's the same for all races. It has nothing to do with actual skin color nowadays and everything to do with how you present yourself.
    If some white guy was walking down the street with face tattoos, baggy clothing, and a bandanna, most of us, even black people, would feel uncomfortable too. It's a shame that it's more common amongst black people (evidenced by the fact that they make up the majority of gangs and half of murders despite being only 12% of population)

    Get rid of this shitty gangster, disrespectful culture and suddenly "white privilege" would vanish.

  • Privilege itself is a useless and misleading construct

    As much as people throw around white privilege, unless you can demonstrate that all successful black people had to work way harder and longer than all successful white people, then your position is tenuous. The deciding factor isn't race. Multi-variate analysis shows a lot of different cause factors, none of which can be distilled down to race. Given that this country is predominantly white and the historic trend of western/ european culture lends itself far better to success in western culture, and implies a longer history of building family line/ heritage based success, there will necessarily be a partial correlation with being white/ european and successful.

    But if it were a matter of race, people of Asian descent would not be wiping the floor with everyone else success wise. Jewish people would not be doing so well in comparison to everyone else. And we wouldn't have a huge body of poverty stricken white people. The other factors are far better predictors.

    Also, it is kind of racist to tell someone 'oh, you are this colour, so you had all of these privileges, and a head start' when it is BLATANTLY clear that race doesn't preclude someone from coming from poverty.

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Spiffy-Gonzalez says2018-01-25T06:48:22.040
Sure it does. I have the PRIVILEGE to lose my job to someone less qualified because I'm white. I have the privilege of being the only race to not get college aid based on race. I have the privilege to be labeled a racist for having traditional feelings on race. I have the privilege of being far more likely to be arrested or fired for making a joke.

C.N.N says so ; )