Does White Privilege Exist in the United States?

Asked by: tmssean
  • Yes, but it is so common that it is not thought of

    White privilege is about thing in society that are set-up in a to benefit whites more than other groups. It means your chances of going to prisoner are lower for the same crime. It is knowing that people clinch there pursues around you for no other reason than your color. The systems in place that aid white only are allowed to do so by taking economic opportunities from others. It is why many prisons are in rural white communities and inflate these population while taking money from the urban centers that need them.

  • From a statistical and reasonably objective view, there are simply benefits to being white-skinned.

    For many people, it seems invisible, partly because we have grown so used to it. Caucasians are not as negatively and racially profiled in comparison to blacks. As in many of the recent police brutality cases, skin color does indeed play a role in how the (majoritively white) police think of you. There is a reason why the Hollywood and cable industry are almost exclusively white. Of course, we are progressing compared to the past, but there is no doubt that it still exists. And for the minorities portrayed on the golden screen, most are stereotypically depicted. As shown with Donald Trump, there still is an endemic racism and superbia of so-called Caucasian "Americans" which leads to a consensus of entitlement that penetrates all realms of society. In addition, your point is utterly baseless. Simply because, "white priveledge," is outlawed in the US does not prevent it from happening, just like how robberies still happen despite being illegal.

  • Of course it exists, Even if people don't think about it.

    White people never have to think about being discriminated against. When was the last time a white person said that they were being discriminated by race? Even renowned schools like Harvard said they are more likely to accept white students than Asians, Hispanics, And Blacks. Another example is our presidency. Ever noticed that Obama is the first president that is not a white?

  • Race affects us whether we admit or not.

    Unfortunately, plagued by our past, as well as influenced by our culture's values we become suggestible to 'accidental racism.' Though it may be easy to suggest that racist ideas do not affect us, and that we are more rational with our ideas, this is, unfortunately not true. It is only through understanding how white privilege functions that we are capable of dismantling it.

  • Yes it does, culturally

    Though "white privilege" does not exist in law or the constitution anymore today, it certainly still exists in society.
    It is undeniable that there are certain privileges to being "white" in the United States. One look at the history and the current demographics of the United States paints the full picture. Though it may not be apparent anymore on the outside with the rise of affirmative action and Black Lives Matter, "white people" do have it easier on average compared to people of other races.
    Perhaps the advantages are small, such as being the majority of citizens and the government, not being called racial slurs often (though that is changing now, somehow) and not being suspected of being a terrorist in an airport, but they exist, in some shape or form, though nowhere near as serious as liberals hype it up to be. This is not to undermine the achievements or value of white people though, the United States today wouldn't exist without "white privilege."
    It's just the result of hundreds of years of tradition and culture that is not as easy to break as it appears.

  • Systemic Racism didn't end with Obama

    If you're black in America, you have grandparents that have discriminated against due to Jim Crow and racism. Black people couldn't get certain jobs or live in certain places because of systematic racism. Because of this, there's been a loss of wealth through generations aa well as opportunities.

    This doesn't mean white people can't be worse off than black people (most white people earn less than Beyoncé) but a black man and a white man in the same social class do not have the same opportunities.

    70% of black people can't swim because we weren't allowed in public pools and many of them closed after segregation ended, and white people moved to the suburbs. Because many black people didn't have the opportunity to learn to swim, they couldn't teach their kids, who couldn't teach their kids. Just to show how the effects of racism in the past still affect black people today.

    Also, even if discrimination against black people is illegal, doesn't mean it doesn't happen. Stealing is illegal. People still steal.

  • If you're the majority in a country you normally have privileges

    In any country generally the majority group or the group that historically held the most power will have institutional privileges. In America whites satisfy both criteria. However that does not mean economic privilege, although whites do occupy higher ranking positions and earn more on average, but rather a societal reinforcement of the idea that being white is the norm and being a minority is somehow not. Although there is a major effort to change this notion

  • Yes, White Privilege Does Exist And Every Other Culture

    Yes. White privilege exists in the United States and every culture. When writing about “privilege,” it is important to single out the mentality of those who are biased towards one skin color and not another. Peggy McIntosh explores the concept in her writings about White privilege as the “invisible backpack, ” and she goes on to lists her ideas on what she considers vital towards the argument. Racism, discrimination, and the sorts have no boundaries, and while we would like to point the finger at the predominant Community in this country that practices it, we have to look towards ourselves and the four finger that point right back at us.

  • Of course it does

    If you ask most people what race they would be if they could choose, it would be white. White people have the luxury of not having to think about race on the daily. This topic is always a temporary one for you if you are white. Being a minority in America means people treat you like a minority. Granted that there is a major effort to make sure everyone is treated equal in this country, things just aren't there yet. People try to pretend like they are color blind, but that is impossible. We are all made with differences and get treated differently. It just so happens that being white gives you a head start in the US because you are the default for everything.

  • White Privilege is a leftist concept that Caucasian people institutionally benefit from a set of privileges that exceeds the privileges of other races.

    White privilege does not exist because it is illegal in the United States to discriminate in business due to race, sex, etc. There are even special scholarships for minorities that are non existent for white people. Implying that minorities cannot climb the social ladder without help is in fact racist.

  • White privilege is replaced by minority privilege.

    In modern America, white privilege is simply a myth. It has been illegal for many years nationwide to discriminate on the basis of race, a concept which unfortunately seems to only apply to whites nowadays. With programs such as affirmative action, employers and educators actively search for people of a background of anything other than Caucasian. Blacks, Asians, etc., though they sometimes have fewer qualifications than a white man, they are given the upper hand simply because they are not white. There also appears to be an increasingly popular anti-white sentiment. A look at leftist accounts on social media will criticize exclusively the white race. Any attempted counter-argument is often shot down as racist. It is clear to see that in America, white privilege is hardly a prevalent idea. Rather, white disadvantage is beginning to take hold.

  • Everyone just hates each other.

    Privilege would imply better off, but in reality in most cases I think it's fair to say that every race often hates every other race. Even then it's person by person and the loudest heard are the ones that do hate other people

    Technically you could argue for black privilege, simply because of laws requiring minorities with the same experience as whites to be hired instead. But I don't think that is the case yet either.

  • There is no white privilege.

    Today, there is no white privilege in America. Everyone has equal opportunities and is allowed to do anything another race can do. Colleges have special scholarships for minorities. Some teachers immediately dismiss white children as dumber than other groups, such as Asians. Many companies hire more non-white people than white people because they don't want to seem racist. White privilege existed once, but it does not exist now.

  • Not in 2018.

    When I and another black student have the exact same SAT scores and grades, The black student will be chosen over me because he is black and, Well, Affirmative action. That's not white privilege.

    When fake rhetoric about "cop-on-black" incidents is being pushed by the media and you question it, You're racist. But when you want to talk about what is happening to white farmers in South Africa. . Yeah, You're a racist. That's not white privilege.

    When the left says black people can't be racist, And it's racist to say "it's okay to be white, " that's not white privilege.

  • Privilege is subjective.

    Ok, maybe not subjective but rather based on where you are. If you live in a community of all blacks then a white person will have quite the trouble. If you live in a white community black people will have trouble. This is the same for anything. Pretty damn simple.

  • No it has nothing to do with race, rather it hinges on culture

    The ethnic group that earns the most money in the United states are Indian Americans. Asian Americans, as a whole, are the highest earning race. Is this because have asian privilege in the United States? No of course not. Studies have found that 90% of people who do these three things: graduate high school, get a job, and don't have a child out of wedlock, will be our of poverty and 80% will be middle class. It seems not the fault of racism that 13% if the population is responsible for 50% of the murders, that black kids drop out of highschool at rates significantly higher than whites, or that the single motherhood rate of the black community is so much higher than the white community. Phrases like white privilege only exacerbate the problem by telling black children that no matter what they do they will not succeed because white people are still oppressing them to this day, so they're not at fault for their mistakes because they are just victims of white people.

  • We make our own privilege.

    It is easy to ignore the hard work and sacrifice other people make to achieve success, and then to assume their success is the result of an unfair advantage.

    It is easy to forget that we all start off as babies who must build ourselves from scratch. Some of us adjust to the rules that preexist us, and do things that promote our success, and some do things that are destructive of our success.

    We all make or destroy our own advantages (privilege). There is studied hard privilege, saved your money (instead of spending it) privilege, obeyed the law privilege, did not become a parent until being married and having a good job privilege, learned to speak formal correct English privilege, read books instead of playing video games or sports privilege, etc..

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