Does white privilege influence people more than economic standing?

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  • Money equals opportunity.

    If parents are well off, they can afford to provide their kids a better education with private schools and tutors. Even if this is not effective to make their child excel, the child would not need a scholarship as the parents could just pay for their tuition. Seeing that their child wouldn't have to work while in college, they would have more time for studying with paid tutors. Once they get their desired degree, they don't really have to move their way up the ladder but their parents could fund them to start their own business. Odds are, their wealthy parents also have business contacts that their child can take advantage of. Obviously, those who don't have wealthy parents, like myself, don't have those advantages and have to rely on hard work and our own abilities. It may sound unfair but the reality is, it's their parents money to spend/invest as they choose. To me, I take pride that I had to earn my way instead of being given a handout.
    Does white privilege exist? Somewhat, as there are some people who feel more comfortable hiring people like themselves. Thing is, it's not just a white thing as you tend to see businesses that are owned by minorities also tend to hire within their race. A big example is the movies and how they cast people. For instance, in movies that are focused on black people, the fewer white people are usually portrayed as being evil or stupid by compared to the black lead characters.
    What I find ridiculous is people that play the race card. Too often, when a person who's a minority does not get their way, they quickly jump to racism as the reason without justification. Unfortunately, this has worked and has caused the scales to tip in favor or minorities.
    What I find funny is that when a minority promotes it's own people, it's perfectly acceptable, but just the opposite for white people. For instance, can you imagine what would be said if these things existed?
    Miss White America, Caucasian College Fund, NAAWP, The Congressional White Caucus, The White Business Association, etc. You would have demonstrations a mile long stating how racist they were, yet not a peep when minorities have them.

  • Economic standings cause advantages or disadvantages more than skin colour

    At one point in time, yes, skin colour was a very big part of peoples lives, and today it still is, but not for the right reason. People do not have privilege because of their skin colour, but they do depending on where they are economically. It is petty to say that white people have privilege because they can walk into a store and find a band-aid, foundation or any other product. America is a mainly white country, so of course, the band-aids and whatnot are going to be catered to white people because most likely they're the ones who are going to buy it. That's not a privilege, that's economics. What about how whites make more than blacks? There are more whites with a college degree, so they are more qualified so they get the higher paying job and make more money. Once again, not privilege that's their hard work paying off. What about more whites in colleges than blacks? That still has nothing to do with privilege. More white students have parents who went to college, and while that is an advantage for those students, it's not a privilege for all white people. Their parents worked hard so that their kids could have a good life, and that's not privilege either. Some white people have very crappy lives where they are homeless in poverty or straight up have no parents. Black people have lives like that too, but some also have very good lives.
    If you're apart of a family that doesn't speak English in an English speaking country that does put you at a disadvantage but not because of your skin colour. If you're living in a poor neighbourhood, while the reason for poor black neighbourhoods is actually kind of racist, that does put you at a disadvantage but it's not because of your skin. However, ironically, many people ignore my opinion of white privilege because I am white. I am told I don't know what I'm talking about and that I have never faced discrimination because I am white. Valuing my opinion less because of my skin colour is racist. Being a minority may make life harder because the portions of minorities that live in poverty is greater than those who live don't live in poverty, but that's not because of skin colour. That's because of living in a poor neighbourhood. Where someone economically causes their advantages or disadvantages in life. Not skin colour.

  • Martin Luther King Jr got what he wanted.

    The most prominent type of racism that exists today is against European Americans. Some examples are:

    -They aren't allowed to say any variation of the N word

    -They are often referred to as white. This would like be calling an Asian American yellow or a typical Hispanic-American brown. Even African Americans are more likely to be called African American than Black.

    -They face job discrimination due to Affirmative action.

    A common excuse for this was because African Americans endured segregation.

    However, Latinos were never slaves in this country. Many Latinos owned slaves themselves in the US. Yet they get affirmative action just for being a minority.

    Arabs were never slave in this country. In fact, the Arab slave trade was prominent across Africa. Yet they get affirmative action just for being a minority.

    The Japanese endured extreme 20th century discrimination in the US. They were put in concentration camps Yet they don't need affirmative action to succeed and they do better than Europeans.

    If all these ethnic groups didn't need affirmative action to succeed, then it seems like Affirmative action is anti-European American because ethnic groups can prosper on their own once the law ceases to oppress them. History has shown it.

    Posted by: asta
  • Whites do not have any power over blacks

    I know that this is not a point but they donot have any power over blacks They cannot say the N word they cant forse canyone to do anything so yeah, m j j i i i i i i i i i ii i i i i i i

  • Whites do not have any power over blacks

    I know that this is not a point but they donot have any power over blacks They cannot say the N word they cant forse canyone to do anything so yeah, m j j i i i i i i i i i ii i i i i i i

  • Because it doesn't exist

    It can't be possible for white privelage to influence anything because white privilege doesn't exist. I am Asian and never once did I feel oppressed or because I had less of a chance. Let alone economic standing. The reason most rich people are white is because there's more whites in America. If there were more blacks in America then whites then there'd be more black rich people then white rich people. That's how it works.

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