Does white privilege still exist in modern society?

Asked by: AnonyFeline
  • Yes, but not legally.

    Privilege comes with wealth and connections. Whites own most of the money, but it is concentrated in the top 9% of the wealthy, mainly the top 1%. The United States today qualifies as a plutocracy – on a number of grounds. Let’s look at some striking bits of evidence. Gross income redistribution upwards in the hierarchy has been a feature of American society for the past decades. The familiar statistics tell us that nearly 80% of the national wealth generated since 1973 has gone to the upper 2%, 65% to the upper 1 per cent. Most all these folks are white, 97% are white.

    Poverty Rate by Race/Ethnicity: 35% Black, 33% Hispanic, 23% (Asian-Americans, Pacific Islanders, American Indians, Eskimos, etc.) and 13% White. Poverty rate for the USA in total is 20%.

    Of the 1,426 people who made the 2013 Forbes list of the Worlds Billionaires, only 7 are black, and only one is an American – Oprah Winfrey. These 1,426 Billionaires control the global economy with a net worth of $5.4 trillion. And, they screw the workers, the 99%, every chance they get by not paying fair wages, providing benefits (e.G., medical, dental, and vision insurance) and not sharing in the profits or giving raises that keep up with the inflation rate.

    According to the U.S. Census 2010, there were 118,682,000 households, 24,235,000 of those households (or 20%) made $100,000 and over. 80% or 19.4 million households were white, 6% or 1,422,000 households were black, 6% were Asian, and 8% where Hispanic and other races.

    In 2010, 6 members of the Walton Family appeared on the Forbes 400 list of wealthiest Americans and they have a combined wealth of $103 Billion, which is equal to what the bottom 41.5% of all Americans own. Basically, 6 wealthy people own more than 48.8 million families in the bottom 41.5%. The Walton family made all that money because Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club never paid fair wages, or shared in the profits, or provided decent benefits, e.G., medical, dental , and vision insurance, profit sharing, paid leave; and hired mainly only part-time employees.

    There are laws on the books do protect against race and age discrimination. The race discrimination laws are easier to prove and enforce.

    The wealthy go to the best schools and they usually have parents that are very connected to other wealthy folks and they get the breaks.

    It helps to have a famous father. Look where Chelsea Clinton went to college (Stanford, Oxford, and Columbia). Her first job was at McKinsey & Company were she made about $15 million working at McKinsey and the Avenue Capital Group. Her and her husband bought a $10 million NYC apartment in 2013, Chelsea is 33; must be nice to be connected. Wealthy.Http://www.Celebritynetworth.Com/richest-politicians/democrats/chelsea-clinton-net-worth/

    Blacks get a lot of help too; just look at President Obama who went to Harvard somehow; his grandparents were somewhat wealthy; but, it sometime helps to be Black.

  • It is an accidental carryover from years of segregation and discrimination and the ruling elite WASP class.

    Historically, we are still in the very early stages of achieving equality for people of all races and ethnic groups. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X and the civil rights movement are only 45 years ago. Much has been achieved, but there is much more that still must be done.

  • There is, to an extent

    Alexander graham bell- Phone
    Henry Ford- assembly line
    Robert Fulton- Steam boat
    the list goes on...

    That is only a few of the numerous white inventors, I am not saying I fully agree, this is in my opinion
    why white privilege is around

    Samuel Colt invented the colt revolver , but we have a gun problem in this country
    John Browning invented the semi automatic- shotgun, but have a gun problem in this country

  • Of course, white privilege exists even if people don't "see it". It's not really a debatable point either.

    White privilege is less likely being labeled or profiled as a thug by the police and society.

    White privilege is less likely to get arrested for your crimes than other races for theirs.

    White privilege is less likely to get a longer sentence once your are arrested.

    White privilege is the fact that white criminals are more likely to get a positive response than blacks with no criminal record.

    White privilege is the fact the "black sounding names" are 50% less likely to get called back from employers even with exactly identical resumes.

    White privilege is the fact that african americans have to get 2 levels higher an education to get the same chances in job prospects.

    White privilege is the fact that even though white americans are more likely to sell drugs and have higher rates of drug use, blacks get arrested for the crime at 10 times the rate and are 6 times more likely to get incarcerated.

    White privilege your whole race is not being labeled as terrorists and stopped at airports.

    White privilege is more likely being shown adequate housing. Less likely to see housing discrimination.

    White privilege is constantly never having to worry about triggering negative stereotypes because of your missteps. That your missteps aren't attributed to a racial "defect".

    White privilege is being more likely to get into college.

    White privilege is more likely to make headlines when your missing.

    White privilege is not having the burden of representation of your entire race.

    I recommend this video


    and this article to get you started.


    This stuff is really just the tip of the iceberg. Once you really take the time look into it, you'll start to notice huge racial disparities and inequalities. Not saying that white people should feel bad or guilty but there are differences to how we are viewed and treated socially, systematically, and institutionally. We should not be ignorant of that, and we should not want to. It's not about creating a divide between races, it's about seeing it. Feel free to fact check my information. Too lazy to provide all the sources.

  • White privilege definitely still exists in modern society.

    White privilege definitely still exists in modern
    society. Modern society as we know it
    was built upon the idea of white supremacy.
    This process was systematically implemented, but was never
    systematically removed, so it is obviously still in place. White people in general automatically expect
    to be treated better than others. This is
    to be expected.

  • Kind of, but not really

    I think that any advantage whites have, come from their ancestors giving it to them. Whites have been around longer in this country than any other race, besides natives. This gives whites the advantage because they are more established here. White wealth is passed down from generation to generation. But I don't think that the government or businesses give whites special privileges. Any privileges whites have come from their grandparents working hard to get it. Most other races only became equal about 50 years ago. Be patient, all good things come in time. To be successful in the US you must be hardworking, but you have to choose that for yourself. If you choose to live off of government benefits than you won't have as much of an incentive to work hard. So be independent, and choose not what will help you in the short term, but in the long term.

  • I think it is more of a wealth thing...

    Sure, maybe white privilege was an issue before but not much of a problem nowadays. If there is anyone who has any sort of privilege, it's individuals born into wealth. Not saying they don't have any merit but it but it gives them advantages over others. As an African-American woman, I never had an issue with employment, schooling, housing, or being granted opportunities because of it. I find that the greatest catalyst for success is hard work, not the color of your skin.

  • No because America is a place of equal oppurtunity.

    If you have ambition and persistence, and put in a lot of hard work, it is possible for ANYONE to go from rags to riches. And that's the beauty of capitalism but the idea that White People specifically have a head start in this race to riches is entirely false. Yes some people are born into families with higher income but saying that a majority of these people are white is a dangerous assumption. There are people of other ethnicities that are born into wealth too and therefore might have an easier time both in how they are raised and their education. But like I said NOTHING is a substitute for hard work ambition and persistence. These people complaining that white people have it easy are making excuses for their own failure and doing nothing to fix it! After all there are famous colored people too! Look at Obama he's the president of the USA and how do you think he got that far? By sitting on his butt complaining on a website about how he could be more successful if only he was born with some, "White Privilege."? No he got it together! He worked hard and after years of hard work and persistence he was elected as president in 2008 and re-elected in 2012!

  • You post links, but there are over 700 million links about something on the internet.

    Learn what a peer reviewed article is. Also, white privilege is real. So is black privilege. We all have it better with something. Example samoans are more likely to be looked at as recruits for football. Is this Samoan privilege? Stop trying to blame a system for failures of large groups of people.

  • You post links, but there are over 700 million links about something on the internet.

    Learn what a peer reviewed article is. Also, white privilege is real. So is black privilege. We all have it better with something. Example samoans are more likely to be looked at as recruits for football. Is this Samoan privilege? Stop trying to blame a system for failures of large groups of people.

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Ragnar says2013-05-27T16:46:21.997
For some yes, for others no.
AnonyFeline says2013-05-29T06:15:22.957
One of our time's most talented and successful actors had to create a stage name in order to get the respect he deserved, and even to be considered for a gig. By looking at him (and his sons) you would think he was a good ole white American [Irishman]. By simply changing his name from one of Hispanic origin to one that sounds more Anglican, he changed the path of his career from a pool stagnation to an uphill flowing river. He was given the name Ramón Antonio Gerardo Estévez is now better known as Martin Sheen. Now, the question is: Would Ramon have been given all the jobs given to Martin? Maybe, but probably not. More importantly: Would a more Hispanic looking and darker skinned Martin Sheen been even looked at for those parts? Most probably not. This is white privilege. A (generally) white sounding name and a white looking guy getting particular consideration because of his Anglican name and more caucasian appearance. (Other similar name changes: Rita Hayworth, Vanna White, Bruno Mars, Raquel Welch, Joanna Kerns)