Does white supremacy impede the passage of bills seeking to allow gay and lesbian couples to wed?

  • The old people

    The older voters of this country are still to focused on their ways, and think that the whites are the only race that matters, and that the only way to live is how they were raised. The younger generation is more accepting, and will one day allow gays to marry.

  • Yes it does.

    Whenever you have an ignorant and hateful groups like the white supremacists, the ignorance tends to extend beyond just one area of hatred. Most white supremacists don't like gay people and would do to them the same they would do to people not of their color. So yes, it impedes the passage of bills.

  • What does white supremacy have to do with this?

    There is a misconception that white supremacists are mostly conservative. That couldn't any further from the truth. White supremacy does not = political affiliation. You can have conservative white supremacists and you can have liberal ones. Just because conservatives don't believe in one thing, like affirmative action, doesn't make them a white supremacist. Just because a liberal loves gay marriage doesn't mean they're accepting of other races.
    If anything the whole gay marriage thing has more to do with culture than race.

  • It's not white supremacy

    I do not think that white supremacy is the reason for people not wanting to extend equal rights to different sexual orientation. I think that this is more of a religious or bigoted argument, but not a white supremacist one. People need to just let these people live their lives regardless.

  • White Supremacy Impede

    I personally think that the white supremacy should not impede the passage of bills seeking to not allow gay and lesbian couples to wed because it will affect the society in which we live in. I personally think that the white supremacy should not impede the passage of bills seeking to no allow gay and lesbian couples to wed because the government would think like women and men are meant to being married.

  • What no way.

    White Supremacy is not impeding the passage of bills to allow gay and lesbian marriages to happen. This is the craziest thing I have heard. It is about religious zealots wanting to believe that GOD created the world to be a certain way. He created the world for us to have freedom of choice. We are all created in his image. Everyone of us not just a few but all of us.

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