• It will impact society for sure

    Disrupting social structure will only create small ripples of problems, But later on it will change the entire course of earth. Family is the basic unit in human social living system, It cannot be changed. This scenario can be evaluated by connecting to butterfly effect, Small changes can make big impacts, Especially when it comes to an important factor like family

  • Wife swapping has an impact.

    Wife swapping has an impact on society as far as it can reach. It impacts all of the parties involved including family members, children, friends, and coworkersor anyone else who knows about what is happening. Marriage is a pact shared by two people and wife swapping crumbles the foundations of love.

  • It breaks down the family.

    Yes, wife swapping has an impact on society, because wife swapping breaks down family relationships. A person who has sex with someone else, or a personal relationship with anyone else, cannot help but somehow become attached to that person emotionally or physically. It ultimately breaks apart the family and causes strife.

  • Coming from a swapper, No

    I trade wives with my friends all the time. The only impact ive seen is more sex overall but that can be a good thing. I have gotten to know my friends and their wives much better and have formed better connections between us. If you ever want to experience something new and everybody consents then I highly recommend. It is private activity and has no bearing on society overall

  • I have seen so many person involves interestingly in wife swapping

    Of course its their own desires to full fill among them . When it is decided by them and if it is very private it won't affect or it won't gives any impact on society since they are also coming from the same society to full fiil their desires among them . It all depends upon their mind set and sure if it is private it will not impact . Even though their childrens doesn't know this that their parents are in swapping life style . It depends on every single persons who involves in this.

  • No, wife swapping has no impact on society.

    Even though it's a practice I find disgusting, I do not thing it has any negative affect on society. What people decide to do on their own time in their private lives has no affect on my life. Nor should it affect anybody elses. I think people need to mind their own business.

  • Not if it is private and no more than other things.

    While it is not my thing, I think if it is done privately then it has no impact on society. Most of the time society is unaware it is even being done. What is considered normal by society is generally just a matter of opinion and what people are used to anyway.

  • Not That I've Seen

    I don't really understand the desire to wife swap and it's certainly not a practice I would ever participate in, but overall I do not believe it impacts society. One couple that I've known for years practiced this and I was completely unaware of it and I'm certain their children were too.

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