Does Wikileaks prove the governments of the world know about aliens?

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • I am one

    I am a reptilian and the government knows about me and about all of our kind. We come from the planet sol in the nektar sector of the galaxy and we are here to drain the planet and to eat your baby's. Our leader is Kanye West and we do battle against Donald trump.

  • Yes they do exist

    Why would Russia threaten the US to tell the world that aliens do exist on earth before they prove it to everyone but yet all of a sudden NASA have actually just released footage of UFO's on the moon. Thats why Appollo 13 is real? People need to open their eyes and see the truth for themselves or just keep living in denial till humankind will cease to exist.

  • Why would they tell us?

    The world is not yet ready to know about aliens. There will be total chaos if it comes out that they exist. Many people think of an invasion and when its going to happen, but i tell you it already happened. They are already examining and studying us by kidnapping us one by one. If you don't believe, then you have to see films like The Fourth Kind and dark skies.

  • Yes They Do.

    There are countless documentaries and articles on the findings of other worldly creatures. Many say no, but if there is life on Earth. Why doesn't make sense for there to be life on other planets, in other galaxies? Why is it so hard to believe that creatures of another universe may be of existence. Maybe it is not that it is hard to believe, but maybe it is that America, or the rest of the world for that matter... Just isn't ready for this kind of information.

  • Yes there is proof there.

    Due to the Wikileaks leaking the government information about life on other planets, there is evidence that life exists. The governments of the world have tried to hide this information for too long and it is only a matter of time before they themselves release information on the truth. It has already been confirmed that there is evidence of water on Mars. One can only imagine the possibilities of other sentient beings in the universe.

  • Mayor of Dushanbe Said It Outright in the Memo

    The memo says the mayor asserted the existence of life on other planets.

    The mayor says "we know there is life on other planets, but we must make peace here first."

    The documents are out. This is big. This may just be a slow trickle because nobody is paying attention, but see it's right here. The governments know about aliens and aren't telling us. People should demand their leaders tell the truth or lose future elections.

  • No it doesn't

    Who is asking this question? Has Wikileaks ever claimed this, and have any leaks come out claiming this? Unless you mean illegal aliens? But even then, why wouldn't the government know about them? I'm trying to fathom why anyone would ask this, other than just to troll. Stop sending such questions.

  • Unfortunately for most NO..

    Many will Never believe until the "landing on the White House Lawn" occurs. Even when this does happen, there will be skeptics who find some way of explaining it as nonsense. Take the initiative to research all of the sightings through out history. Listen to the accounts of military officers from around the globe. And ask yourself why would so many make a story for the benefit of being made fun of and discredited?

  • No, the same government that runs the post office.

    The governments that allegedly are hiding aliens from the world are the same that run the post office, and lose your packages. The same governments that allegedly are collaborating with each other to cover this up are at their throats, threatening war. This alien nonsense has been fabricated by Wikileaks.

  • No, it does not.

    The government is very well organized, and I just do not see them accidentally letting out any hardcore proof, or evidence that something exists if they have not said so themselves. Many documents out there might open our minds to the possibility, but does not say for certain the government actually knows.

  • No. I doubt it if wikileaks could prove to the governments of the world about aliens.

    If the government does know about aliens I doubt we have any proof or solid evidence against them to say they do. If they do have knowledge about this they would most likely be keeping it from us for a reason, time will only tell. Maybe someday we will know for sure.

  • Government documents do not support the existence of life on other planets.

    The fact that Wikileaks has some government documents inferring there are aliens does not in any way prove the existence of aliens, nor some massive government coverup. Governments are filled with many layers of employees so it would be surprising if there were not some documents generated by those who believe in UFOs and the stories of Area 51.

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