Does will be ethical to artificially be means of genetic engineering to increase human IQ

Asked by: PawelK
  • It's a bad idea. It would be ethical only if you could change IQ by genetics.

    You can't increase IQ directly because IQ is just a measure of a person's mind age compared to his physical age. It is standardized so that the IQ of a 18-yo like me having a mind of an 18-yo is 100. You can however potentially increase the IQ of people by making children with high plasticity. Of course, if everyone became smart, then the average smartness of that time would be the standard IQ of 100.

    The thing is, the idea of increasing the plasticity of a child's brain is nice and all but it is what it is. What you are doing is 'giving birth' to a child who is easily influenced by any stimuli, regardless of good or bad. This can be easily misused to do brainwashing instead of 'brain-loading' the child. Ultimately, if you want this project to succeed, you would need to keep the technology out of the hands of crime and politics.

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  • I think it's good because can make mankind better

    I have mixed feelings about this. Some people will case that it will deminish chance of people genius born this way. But I think it bring more good than harm. I wll glad to know you opinion about this.
    In my opinion, increase IQ, thanks to genetic engineering, since this allows us to discover many new things, although some may say that it was to the detriment of the naturally gifted people who born that way. I do not think so.

  • Control your destiny

    We must control our intelligence inheritance artificially, since by natural means the dumbest are reproducing more, lowering the IQ. Even if it was not decreasing, increasing it by genetically modified children is the only answer. We should little by little have a fully artificial biological inheritance to create a more evolved species.

  • Umm, uh, what?

    It's a little ironic this is about human IQ, and this question does not make any sense. Are you trying to ask if it's ethical to genetically alter human IQ? If so, I think it sounds great, but this will be expensive > only the rich will afford this > only the rich will be smart.

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