Does Wintel have a chance at winning the Ultrabook market?

  • Yes, provided the right resources are put forward.

    The combination of Windows and Intel in the ultrabook market has a chance of winning, but it will require strategic planning and resources for Wintel to succeed. Wintel must be capable of offering not only a more cost effective entry into the market, but one of comparable quality to that of Apple's Macbooks.

  • They have a plan.

    Yes, Wintel has a chance to win the Ultrabook market, because they have a lot of new ideas. They run Windows, which most people know of already. They also use Intel processors, which are the best processors available. These are user-friendly products. They should be quite successful and maybe win the market.

  • Apple Already Way Ahead

    Wintel can try to capture the ultrabook market, but it would need to make a hefty gain on Apple's iPad and MacBook Air. Wintel can take some of the market share for decades, but Apple will never truly go away. The only way Apple loses the ultrabook market is when the next generation of computers is produced and ultrabooks are too old and too slow.

  • I Really Doubt It

    I have my doubts Wintel will have a chance at winning the Ultrabook market. I think these companies are going to have to get use to sharing, in my opinion. I think there is a lot of competition out there and many companies are offering very viable options at decent prices.

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