• Yes, connotation matters.

    The word inflation has earned a very negative connotation and results in an overreaction. When people hear that inflation is happening, it suddenly becomes more acceptable to raise the prices of everything nod often more than the inflation called for. Inflation is out of control because of a lack of either gold or silver standard.

  • Assuming This Has To Do With Economics

    Don't mean to assume, but how else could I put it? Inflation is not bad if kept to the 2 percent rate that everyone says is ideal. That just means the economy is growing at a good rate. The problem is inflation has been well above that 2 percent rate at times. The other problem, is our leaders never set laws to keep the average persons pay check in line with inflation. That is why minimum wage will never be enough to live in current times. That is also why so many people are falling out of the middle class.

  • Inflation Causing Problems

    I personally think that the word inflation can cause problems in the society because of the price levels as well as goods and services in the economy over a period of time. I personally think that the word inflation can cause problems in the society because when the prices rises each unit of currency buys fewer goods as well as services.

  • I Think It Does

    I believe word inflation can cause problems in society. For me, these comments mean nothing and they add nothing to a conversation. Secondly, I know my previous employer expected no talk at all and only wanted to use word inflation when speaking about problems and solving them. This caused the workplace to be unbearable to me because actually discussing a problem on my side was frowned upon.

  • They do not

    No, I do not think that word inflation causes problems in the society of today, and i think that this is not even happening. I think that it is just an urban myth that people have come up with here recently, and is only believed by a lot of crazy people.

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