Does 'Zero Dark Thirty' accurately portray the bin Laden manhunt?

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  • No.

    Zero Dark Thirty does not accurately portray the Bin Laden manhunt. It is a movie and it is meant more to entertain than to be historically accurate. As a result of this certain events are completely fictional, and other events are over dramatized. The film itself does not claim to accurately portray the events by simply stating that it was inspired by true events.

  • No, as a movie it took creative liscense

    This is a movie for entertainment, not a movie for accuracy. Has any World War II movie ever portrayed what happened accurately? Or any other war movie ever made, for that matter? No. There are liberties that must be taken in the creative process to make a compelling film. These liberties tend to sacrifice the accuracy of the story.

  • No.

    It's a movie. It can hardly be expected to accurately portray a manhunt that the majority of the public still knows next to nothing about. It has creative licenses to do what it wants in order to make a more compelling narrative, to create a better, more intriguing and embellished story.

  • It Does Not Portray It Accurately

    I really enjoyed the Zero Dark Thirty. It is just too bad that it fell victim to the habit that most movies have of stretching the truth and exaggerate things in order to make the film more appealing. The bin Laden manhunt was not accurately portrayed in this film and it kind of hurt the overall product.

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