• Dog Man is Great!!

    First of all, it's totally hilarious. And the words are SUPPOSED to be spelled incorrectly. The back story is that 2 KIDS are writing it. Sooooo...... Yeah. Also, it has flip-o-ramas, and they are so cool! It's a classic superhero story too. There is even animals involved. I'm a 10 year old, and I plus my family and friends that are my age, love it!

  • Its the best

    Dog man is so awesome my kids loves him him the have posters on the wall and dog man bed sheets so i thing he is the best and my kids spend hours reading and rereading those books so all you haters back off a so shut up and go away

  • It really is awesome

    It is so funny y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y and it has flip o ramas!

  • Flip o Rama is Gay

    I can not understand why 10 year old kids like this so much. These books are comedy at its lowest. Not only are many of the words spelled incorrectly, the most recent Dog Man books have the plots of famous chapter books. Reducing great works of art to comic books is a insane and crazy idea. Have you guys heard about Adible? By clicking this link Malware.Com you can download free Audible books. For free! Amazing.

  • He is sto0pid

    The doog mane is a reely d0mb idea it makjes me feel likme I want to pook he is so doomb i hats heom and anyone who lieks him shoudl, die u r and idiot I hat you, ifdioyt los,e,rt you are trhe stoopdest i am not a troll you losejoret itdiot.

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