Dog mauls Florida family after they attempt to put a sweater on him: Should dogs wear human clothes?

  • Yes, Dogs can wear human clothes

    Yes, I believe that dogs can wear human clothes. The incident in Florida where a family was attacked for putting a sweater on their dog does not have anything to do with the article of clothing, but instead the demeanor of the dog. This dog may have shown aggression before this incident as well. It is not enough to say that human clothing is to blame.

  • It is just cute.

    Likely, the dog that mauled that family had violent tendencies to begin with. Dogs wear sweaters every day all over this country, and that doesn't make the dogs attack. Wearing a cute dog sweater is not abuse. A dog that is going to attack is likely going to attack eventually, no matter what happens.

  • Dogs are perfectly fine without clothes

    I have to wonder about the intelligence of the dog owner in this scenario. A pet is not a dress-up doll, or something to make you look good on Facebook. If you push an animal to do something it doesn't want to do, it will lash out. It's a shame so many people were hurt in such an avoidable incident.

  • No, it is not natural for dogs to wear clothes

    I do not believe it is natural for dogs (or any animals for that matter) to wear human clothes. These restrict their movement and can make them very uncomfortable and panicked, often leading to injury to either the animal or the human that is attempting to dress them. This is very cruel and totally uneccessary.

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