• Dogs are better than cats

    DOGS ARE WAY BETTER THAN CATS!!!! Considering cats are ugly, nasty, smell bad and are just all around disgusting. Don't get cats. Get a dog!! They are adorable, playful, cute and just great pets all around. Get a dog, they snuggle with you and they can even be good listeners.

  • Cats, i guess

    I dunno, they're fluffy and stuff. And they rub all over you, or something. Also pest control. Screw you, exterminators. They aren't intimidatingly huge, i guess. Umm... Uhh... And, they sit on you without crushing you. And... Um, i guess they're just damn cute in general. Bye, i guess. Or something.

  • Kitties are better

    Kitties are NOT lazy bums. They just don't care. They show their love in other ways. Doggos are gross and smell bad. No matter how much you wash a doggo, the doggo always has a smell. Also, they're greasy. Kitties are small and cat attacks generally don't put people in hospitals. They also don't drool everywhere like doggos do.

  • Doggest motucker of all

    Alright, dog are yes cat no want to hery why dog loy wiling to pertect you wile cat are lazy bums. So you are a dog person you know how cute they are and how thay are the best. Cat lazy no no no. So cat are some of the most anoing pet trying taking a poop wile a cat is jumping in the bathroom.

    Boom Sit Down Son

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