• Dogs bring smiles to faces

    I have friends who are allergic to dogs and they still love dogs so much, When they see my dogs their faces light up like the sun in the morning people like many types of animals but dogs aren't t the ones that will help get rid of that stress.

  • It's called opinions.

    Now, don't get me wrong. I heckin' love dogs. I own 2. But, dogs aren't always the best solution to the problem of stress. Yes, lots of doggos are happy and loving, but a good sum of people prefer cats or other animals. Don't just think about yourself, people. Other people exist, too.

  • I have a fear of dogs

    People who are afraid of dogs will fine the animal stressful. The phobia of dogs is called Cynophobia. I will say too some people dogs are theopathic. Dogs trigger my GAD, then I have panic attracts. Some people are allergic to dogs and then may have to go to hospital which is stressful

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