• Yes this is an argument

    I'm not sure if you understand how to phrase a yes or no question because yiou haveent done that in t5his popst. If you stayed in scho9ol longer than grade4 youd knpow how to not be a flipping idiot. I have an iq of over 200 where the average lameman has just 80. You can all bow before my mental prowess. I am better than you and need no home of my own becuase my mother supports me

  • Cats are cute

    Cats are super cute and cuddly because i prefer to read to run around a backyard. Dogs are awesome friends but sometimes they be a little bit harder to take care of than cats. I have both and they are both adorable because they are both super cute and lazy.

  • Dogs are the best ever

    F f f f f c. C c f c f f f. F f f f f f f. F f f f f. V v v n. Jfj. My nn b n n. Fun nf. N m f. M m. F. Fun f m f m fm. M f m f m. Fm f m. T. Fm m.

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