• Dogs are friendlier

    Dogs will always accept your attention, compared to cats who are bipolar! One second they want you to pet them, the next they bite you. Our cat is generally loving, but still bipolar. Where as are two dogs will never get mad at you and accept your love no matter what time it is. I love all of are animals, including are useless fish, but I prefer dogs and couldn't be happy without one. I could live with out a cat and fish.

  • Dogs make good companions

    I personally like both sides but the dog seems to "reward"you every time you care for it while cats they rip your face off but purrs in return. And I really want a sugar glider and ferret. And there should be an animals section now that im at it. .

  • Dogs for Me

    I don't have a problem with cats, but in my opinion, a Dog is a better companion. Cats can be independent, but this also means that cats don't always want to be social. Dogs do take a little more work than cats, but they also typically express more emotion toward their owners. Cats can be temperamental, and some dogs too, but most dogs are very social and loving. They crave attention, while cats don't necessarily rely on attention from their owners. So in my mind, if I want an animal roommate, I would get a cat. If I want an animal buddy, then I would get a dog.

  • The Consensus Points To Dogs

    Cats have been previously accused of sorcery and were seen as bad luck by hundreds of different civilizations. Not to say they are the whole truths. But there is some truth. Cats scratch up furnitures, and give no comfort to most people.

    Also, cats don't want to be with humans.

  • Absolutely dogs are better than cats

    Cats are cute when they are kittens, but they are unpleasant when they are older. Also, Cats aren't always loyal to their owners, they become best friend with whoever pets them. While, dogs are more friendly and loyal. Additionally, taking a dog for a wake is a good way to relax whenever you feel tense.

  • The main thing is: dogs are loyal.

    You really wouldn't want a pet that only comes to you for food, or goes out of sight and out of mind all the time and returns to your side only when it needs to be fed. Examples of pets which display such characteristics are cats. What does a cat become in your life? Nothing more than a liability and a stranger. A dog, on the other hand, is extremely loyal. It serves you, treats you as its master, and most importantly, it loves you. Notice how dogs don't usually have preferences for a particular person in the household, while cats do.
    When you own a pet, you want it to love you in the same way you love it. Cats are nothing but hostile creatures that treat their owners as servants.

  • Cats are awesome!!!

    Cats are cute and fluffy, have whiskers and are FABULOUS AND AWESOME!! Everyone should own a cat dogs are stupid have a life mjsherfdhfhgsjdhfbjshvcdajhcbdjgjhcbwdiyfbdhkwfbhif sjhbcdsjhfbwjhdf jahdbfdihafgdwkhfb jwdhbjhb whdjbf fhe df df fr fr fr rf fr fr fr fr rf rf fr rf fr rf f ff ff f fr f fr ff

  • Totally not a fair question

    I love both but if I really had to choose it would be cats. I have had really good luck with cats. They are easier to take care of, quiet our Abby is very loving & I don't have to worry about my grumpy neighbor trying to kill her because dogs are load, like have to worry with my dogs. I need to be on my toes when they are outside just for them to go potty. My neighbor is a real, you know what:)
    Sometimes I wish I could just move away so my basset boys could just run and play when ever they wanted outside but I don't rent. It would be real nice if my neighbor would move he rents. Everyone on the block hates him lol. So I love both but cats are best in my situation.

  • It depends what you are looking for.

    In a pet I look for not only companionship but something that is not entirely dependent on me. I love how cats can be affectionate at times yet independent when they please. I barely even have to feed my cat because she mostly dines on mice in the house and backyard, a win win if you ask me. Dogs are cool too but are very loud and smell awful, not what I want after a long day at the office.

  • Cats are the better pet

    I have always preferred Cats. They are extremely independent and willing to take care of themselves except for feeding which is the responsibility of the Owner. They are incredible pets for anyone who wishes to have a nice easy going time and not have to walk there pets constantly and come home to loud barking.

  • Cats are easier to care for

    Cats are a lot quieter than dogs, which would be a lot more convenient if you're living in an apartment. Not to mention cats don't need as much exercise as dogs, and they can also help get rid of rats. And who said cats aren't good companions? They can be playful too, if you know the right way to play with them.

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