Dollar Stores: Will the marriage between Family Dollar and Dollar Tree lead you to invest?

  • Yes the merger of Dollar Tree and Family Dollar would make me want to invest in the merged company.

    The merger of Family Dollar and Dollar Tree creates a company that is in a better position to hang on to customers they gained during the recession, as well as to attract those customers still struggling in the current economic environment. It also puts them in a better position to deal with the challenges posed by Walmart invading their market segment.

  • No, it will not.

    I don't see a lot of business done at dollar stores anymore. Especially with retail stores like Target and Walmart each having dollar sections in their stores, I think the likes of family dollar and dollar tree are soon to be out of business. People can shop in box box stores which still getting a great deal.

  • Only To Shop

    I wouldn't recommend anyone jumping into the stock market now if they aren't already there. The likelihood of a crash is very high and the economy isn't doing well. Family Dollar and Dollar Tree are both very strong and their product lines will continue to do well, but eventually the economy will improve and these stores will be seen for what they are. People won't want junk when they have money again.

  • I see no point in investing

    I have no other investments and I don't see this as being important enough to be my first one. Also, i have no idea what they pay their employees or if they even have benefits. I have no idea where there merchandise comes from. I would invest if it meant higher salaries and better benefits for the employees.

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