Dollar Stores: Will the new merger spark a resurgence in value convenience store chains?

  • Yes, the Dollar Store Merger will spark a renewed interest in convenience store chains.

    It is my belief that the Dollar Store merger will spark an interest in value store chains. With the locations merged, and the economy still struggling, consumers will see this as an attractive alternative to Walmart and Target. What is more attractive is that even if/when the economy rebounds, everyone wants a bargain and Dollar Stores/Family Dollar provide that bargain.

  • Value Store Chains Always Popular

    Value Convenience store chains are always popular whatever the economic climate. The struggling economy right now will probably support a resurgence in value convenience store changes sparked by the new merger. Dollar stores always seem to be doing a roaring trade while other retail stores are struggling, particularly in the current economic climate.

  • No, I don't believe it will.

    Stores like Walmart and Target already have dollar sections which are like little mini dollar stores inside of their very convenient big box store. I don't see why anyone would continue to shop at dollar stores unless there are no other options in town. I think they are a dying breed.

  • No, there are already an abundance of value stores.

    Where I live, there's a Dollar General every couple of miles - and a Family Dollar across the street. Yes, people are being forced by this economy to become more fiscally responsible. However, will the merger of Family Dollar and Dollar Tree spark more revenue for value stores - no.

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