Dollarization: Does dollarization conform appropriately with contracts and the law?

  • Dollarization Conformity with Contracts and Law

    Dollarization is alright as long as the country that is using it is benefitting and the people thrive and do better as whole. It is wrong and should not be used when countries and their economies do worse. But said that, we have to do well as United States because when our dollar value falls, other countries that do business with us suffer as well.

  • Dollarization: It's good for you, it's good for me

    Dollarization, or a country aligning their currency to the United States' is just one step closer to something we need to work for: a global currency. This is a small step perhaps, but could continue the precedent set by the E.U. that it is an economically beneficial thing to have identical currencies. The Euro does great across many nations, why not the dollar?

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