Dolly Parton fund to donate to Tennessee fire victims: Is providing direct assistance better than donating to charities?

  • Yes, it's better to provide direct assistance than donating to charities.

    One of the major issues with charities is that most of them require funds to function. To do this, they skim money from donations to help pay for the various administrative needs that they may need. On the same note, when you donate, you don't have a direct say of what your funds will be going towards.

  • Yes, providing direct assistance is better than donating to charities.

    Yes, Dolly Parton is doing the right thing by providing direct assistance to the individuals and families affected by the wildfires in Eastern Tennessee. While charities do a lot of good, it would be best to leave the decisions on how relief money is spent to the people most affected.

  • Yes, i agree.

    Yes, i agree with this. Providing direct assistance is actually better than donating to charities. Just like prevention is better than cure, I think Dolly Patron fund should have put forward measures to ensure their is no cause of fire in the first place. This would have been the best step.

  • No, charitable organizations are more equitable than providing direct assistance

    No, when disaster strikes, donors should respond to organized charities to help victims. With proven track records, legitimate charities are in a better position to supply aid in a deliberate and fair manner. They know what is needed and have the experience and plans in place to best assist the communities.

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