DOMA has been struck down: Should all legally wed couples get federal benefits?

Asked by: chrumbelievable
  • To the degree straight couples get benefits.

    I disagree with the degree to which the federal government is involved in both defining marriage and distributing "benefits." That said, any legal definition of marriage and any benefits applied to those couples should be available to anyone in the country. Laws that allow some people to receive certain benefits and not others should always be attacked and repealed. This was the right decision.

  • The Right to Liberty and Equal Protection Guaranteed in the Constitution

    The U.S. Constitution guarantees U.S. Citizens the rights to liberty and equal protection under the law. It is blatantly obvious that the Defense of Marriage Act violated those rights by denying federal benefits to same-sex couples wed in states where it is legal. I am so supremely ecstatic that the Supreme Court has decided to extend the same rights to ALL legally wed couples. This is a victory not only for the LGBTQ community, but for human rights in general.

  • Defense against marriage act

    We say we live in an equal world. Yet we were trying to make sure gay couples couldn't receive tax money ? And we still have more than half of our country either not recognizing or banning same sex marriage. This is the first step to legalizing gay marriage completely

  • All Legal Couples Deserve Benefits

    Heterosexual and homosexual couples deserve the same federal benefits across the board. Why? Because it's the right thing to do under the law of "equal rights" which are guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution. The phrase "all men are created equal" didn't list exceptions for blacks, whites, women, children and gays. Although the phrase is sexist in that it only mentions men, the Founding Fathers meant everyone in humankind is created equal. That clause alone means federal benefits should be the same for everyone.

  • Yes they should.

    All legally wed couples should get the federal benefits they are entitled to. I am not sure if this is asking if people should get special federal benefits. Then my answer is no, but they should receive things like a deceased spouses social security. This should be available for any married couple regardless of sexual orientation.

  • Yes everyone sholuld be entitled

    Every legally wed couple should have the same rights and privileges that are granted to any other individual. I don't think it is right to keep anyone from having their basic rights. They are allowed to get married therefore they are legally entitled to the same rights as all other inidviduals.

  • Legally Wed Couples Deserve Federal Benefits

    Since straight wed couples get federal benefits, there's no reason that legally wed couples should be denied the same benefits. Such hypocrisy is common in American but shouldn't be tolerated for even a moment. With that in mind, swift changes need to be made in the wake of DOMA's fall. All couples married in the United States deserve federal benefits.

  • Yes for federal legal benefits to same sex couples if the State has allowed for same sex marriage.

    I think that if the people within a state that has legalized same sex marriage the federal government should grant those couples of the same sex marriage federal marriage rights that are afforded opposite sex couples if the state has legalized same sex marriage. If the state didn't legalize same sex marriage than the federal government will only give the marriage rights to the people living in the states who have legalized it. This way you protect for State's Rights and guarantee to uphold the federal law of equal protection to the people who live in the states with the new same sex marriage rights.

  • Benefits don't hurt the heterosexual marriage

    I am still uncertain why heterosexual marriage is threatened by this procedure. How does it harm any heterosexual sanctity of marriage? Religion is not be involved with anything "federal" thanks to separation of church and state. So there is no logical, legal or valid reason to ban the benefits or otherwise discriminate against gay and lesbian couples.

  • Equal Rights under the Constitution

    Yes, both straight and gay couples should receive the same benefits. The constitution grants everyone equal rights and sexual preference should not make a difference. Prop 8 being dismissed today was a huge step forward toward equal marriage and equal rights should be followed along with this. Love is love.

  • No, it is not marriage.

    No, not all legally wed couples should get federal benefits, because taxpayers should not be forced to support a lifestyle that they have religious or ethical disagreements with. This is akin to making federal taxpayers support abortion procedures. It is unfortunate that just by living in America and paying taxes people have to support things that they have religious objections to.

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