• The reason Donald Trump appeared

    America has suffered under the domination of progressive/communist democrat politicians. The country, under the democrats, has reached the brink of dissolution as a nation. The nations debt has reached astronomical proportions Its now a nation with out borders where illegal aliens flood across its borders with immunity, a country where the states ran by the democrats declare that they openly flaunt the nations laws and provide sanctuary to aliens illegally in the country. Known as "Undocumented democrat voters." and the welfare rolls and benefits received by aliens threatens to bankrupt the system that was intended to only rescue American citizens who had fallen on hard time now rewards those who are here illegally with the ability to live the good life off the sweat and industry of American workers. Why have the voters voted for Donald Trump for president, The democrat progressive policies helped elect him Hillary Clinton's statement that if she were elected president, would put Americans who worked in the coal mines out of work, would stop America from drilling for oil to supply its own needs, Obama Care, which raised the cost to working Americans for their medical treatments while those who didn't enjoyed free medical care, and progressive democrats wonder why the American people said with their votes, enough of this " Politically correctness, enough of this multiculturalism B.S. Enough of this George Soros, Reverent J. Wright type democrats who say, "Not God Bless America, no, no, no, but God Damn America." And the question is asked , Why did American voters vote for Donald Trump.

  • Why notttttt him?

    To whom it may concern who has not support him. I was not born in US but I am a US citizen. He is the only one who came help those people in Louisiana when flood nature disaster. I was going to choose whoever any politician would have helped flood victim in Lousiana a while ago. Ki was waiting and waiting, and who didddd first? Not Hillary not any single politician from republican but Mr. Donald J Trump. In fact Obama came later. You people should see your future president who has heart for the American future and open your heart, mind, ear , don't be blind by media that so biased. Trump was the only one who spend his own money to support his campaign not like others who just blew someone else money so easy. Would you have the president just blew your money so easy? Ask your self what you can do to make USA future better and better.

  • Donald Trump is selfish git, looking after only his own interests.

    Trump is like Burr. A not-politician turned politician. A businessman from New York, with money, power, and thus a total lack of connection with the common man. If I a communist ran for president in a safe, stable capitalist nation against Trump I would win. Why? Because Trump feeds off fear of Radical Islamic Terrorists.

  • He sucks he is stupid

    Donald Trump is building a wall just to get immigrants out of America. Isn't his wife an immigrant? He makes no sense at all he needs to get a real life. Why is he America's president ? Can he just go somewhere else ? What is his purpose here anyways.

  • Want to know what God thinks of money? Look who he gave it to.

    Donald Trump is sexist, racist, rude, and much, much more. His "sacrifices" are pathetic and mostly about losing his money. OH NO!! I'm a billionaire and I lost a couple bucks!! Obviously I'm more important than the veterans who sacrificed their lives and happiness to save America while I sat in my giant mansion and counted my money!! Donald Trump has called women fat, ugly, slobs, and disgusting animals. He criticizes women for being ugly and has even sexually assaulted quite a few women. As for men, he has insulted the disabled, the black, the Mexicans, and many other races. He has also lied many, many times. Do we really want this man to be our president?

  • Trump is an idiot

    Trump is a bigoted, homophobic, sexist, racist, fascist, ugly, orange, idiot. Trump is basically a modern day hitler. I mean, both men ran their political campaign on hatred. And for those who say "Hitler killed millions of people, and Trump has never done anything" yes this is true, but Trump isn't in power yet. I guess we'll see what happens, huh?

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