• Look at the big picture.

    Most people drew their opinion on just a couple sentences from the whole tape. What they should do is look at the whole thing chain of events.
    Sterling had been seeing this woman V. And his wife took her to court for being a gold digger. V. Probably knew that the gravy train was about to end so obviously devised a plan to smear Sterling. Question, Who tapes private phone conversations? People that want to use the conversation against the other. If you read the entire transcripts of the phone conversation, you would see how she is leading it into a topic of racism not Sterling. She is basically putting words in his mouth. I am not saying the guy is perfect nor do I condone racism but to me this guy does not seam to be much of a racist. The man owns an NBA team where the majority of the highest paid employees are black. If he was a racist, don't you think he would rather own a NHL team? He was seeing a woman that was part black and Hispanic, not exactly the first choice for a racist. Another thing you will see in the messages is that he knew it was not an exclusive relationship but did not want to be publicly reminded of it. This is why he did not want pictures of her with other guys (who happened to be black) posted, or have her bring them to his games. He just didn't want her seeing other guys pushed in his face.
    This was obviously a setup by the girlfriend who successfully framed him as a racist. To bad the people in charge of the NBA respond more to faulty public opinion instead of common seance.
    Tell you what, listen to the entire conversation, read the entire transcript. There are many places you can find it.

  • There is no reason for any ...

    Since when did society deem it mandatory that we all like the same thing. Or perhaps what we like or dislike in situations. I can hate any one I want, that's my right... And I found a whole new level of hate with in me over this case and how the media responds.

    What really gets me is attempts to curb media... I can't share some links...Do I have to start killing people to get in the media and make my point clear?

  • This isn't really a yes or no question.

    Sure you can like and dislike whatever you want. But Sterling is obviously a racist and needs to be called out because everyone needs to understand that discriminating against others simply on the basis of their skin colour is completely unacceptable and if someone is a racist I think they need to live in fear of being exposed for the small-minded bigots they are and the media is doing a good job of that.

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