Donald Trump claims he held back against Clinton to avoid embarrassing her. Do you think he lost the debate?

  • Wasn't even close.

    I have few words to reiterate what I managed to comprehend from the pure frustration I experienced watching that debate. Mr. Trump should not just expect to show up at the debates and expect to do well. This isn't the primaries anymore. He can't just say random points and expect to pull out some miraculous win. He was utterly unprepared, much less than Secretary Clinton was. He also did a poor job of Mrs. Clinton getting under his skin. It was obvious that was her main tactic from the get-go. If he wants to succeed in actually providing competition to his Democratic counterpart, he needs to come prepared next time, otherwise his campaign is doomed.

  • He is a chump

    Hillary Clinton made Donald Trump look like the buffoon that he is. He was limited on facts and seemed to mock the rest of us losers who are hard working Americans struggling to pay taxes we can barely afford while he dodges them. He was rude to her and off putting with the amount of aggression he directed her way. He definitely lost the debate.

  • I feel Donald Trump lost the debate

    In my opinion Donald Trump lost Monday's first Presidential debate. He appeared unprepared for the questions other than his typical vague responses and Clinton's attacks which clearly got under his skin through the entire debate. He seems to be ill-tempered and unable to counter direct challenges when confronted by them.

  • Yes, Trump did not back up his opinions with sound, logical reasons and therefore lost the debate.

    During the debate, Trump frequently repeated statements without providing reasons and examples to support his opinions. Instead he went off on tangents that did nothing to strengthen his points. On the other hand, Hilary provided clear examples and logical arguments to support the statements she made. She also avoided repeating herself. For this reason, Hilary finished stronger than Trump, making her the debate winner.

  • Yes, and he did not hold back. He was just outclassed.

    Donald Trump clearly lost the debate. He lied over and over, and spent a large portion of the debate defending prior lies that have been proven to be lies. He's the worst presidential candidate in modern history, and he will continue to be exposed by Hillary Clinton in future debates. Trump's claim that he held back to avoid embarrassing Clinton is hilarious. Trump embarrassed himself in the debate.

  • He lost big time.

    Trump is very well aware that he lost but he has to play it off like he won. He had an ok first 30 min but after that he fell behind. With constant fact checking he was called out and he could't handle it. He cried after the debate about how it was all rigged against him and every time Hillary scratched her face he was fact checked but she was never fact checked. He also blamed a defective mic claiming that it might have been done on purpose. Trump knows how to work the media and divert their attention to what really happened he lied his whole way though the debate.

  • Doesn't really answer what guy ask

    He didn't really answer him to be honest. It shows he is not prepared and shouldn't underestimate opposite as she understand meaning of debate well enough as experienced. He lost debate and he says out of what he thinks is dignity. He has chance to say main points but think of two person than on topic. He lost debate with reason, not to let anyone crawl under his skin as think the guy should be on his side.

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