Donald Trump claims no illegal votes were cast for him. Is he delusional?

  • Yes he is

    None of this is to say that voter fraud doesn’t ever occur. A 2015 report from the conservative Heritage Foundation documented hundreds of cases of voter fraud over the last decade. The Washington Post scoured news reports and turned up a handful of incidents of voter fraud in the 2016 election — including two instances of people voting twice and one in which a woman cast a ballot on behalf of her dead husband (all three of whom purported to be voting Republican).<------!Right Here!

    But voting experts we talked to pointed to numerous studies that have found in-person voter fraud — the type of fraud Trump is alleging — is virtually nonexistent. A Government Accountability Office report released in October 2014 and reissued in February 2015 said that “no apparent cases of in-person voter impersonation [were] charged by DOJ’s Criminal Division or by U.S. Attorney’s offices anywhere in the United States from 2004 through July 3, 2014.”

    The bipartisan National Association of Secretaries of State released a statement on Jan. 24 stating that its members are “not aware of any evidence that supports the voter fraud claims made by President Trump.”



    Again yes Trump is delusional, and we need to make sure he doesn't use his baseless claim to disenfranchise a lot of voters, especially in the states he lost or narrowly won where he is aiming his 'investigation'.

  • Delusional is probably the nicest word for it

    The number of illegal votes cast for either candidate was small. To claim otherwise is simply narcissistic fallacy. Mr. Trump continues to make absurd claims without any basis in fact or reality, including the idea that illegal votes 'cost' him the popular election. To think that there would be 3 million and some illegal votes for one party and none for the other validates the lunacy of his claim.

  • Yes, I think so.

    Trump was stung by his loss of the popular vote in last November’s presidential election and blamed it, without evidence, on votes cast by millions of illegal immigrants. Trump`s lies are delusional and that is really danger. They just keep digging themselves in deeper. The concerning aspect of all this is Trump's impulsive focus on relatively minor issues. It becomes an obsession and he can't let go. Alternative facts from Alex Jones and Fox News become Trump's and his supporters' reality. They might resonate will a gullible core of supporters in denial, but Trump's growing lack of legitimacy affects overall any hope of "making America great".

  • Yes, Donald Trump is delusional.

    Trump has shown delusional thought throughout much of his campaign and now in his first official week in office. He appears delusional on a wide array of topics from climate change to the size of his inaugural crowd on the Washington Mall. Now he's claiming that 3 to 5 million votes were cast illegally, but not a single one was cast for him. That's simply statistically impossible.

  • Trump is not delusional, he just speaks before thinking in some cases.

    In many cases, he probably does not believe what he is reported to have said himself. He is interested in getting a reaction from the media and he always does and they often misquote and misrepresent his remarks. Despite the fact that they all seem or claim to hate him, they report on his every move and discuss him ad nauseum. If he was such an idiot, they would surely ignore him.

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