Donald Trump claims the only ones who cares about his tax returns are reporters. Do you care about his tax returns?

  • Yes I care.

    Candidates release their tax returns to the public for the sake transparency and accountability to the public. In this way the public can find out if the candidate has or had a direct benefit from a decision.

    Even without his tax returns their have been multiple cases made for a conflict of interest and/or breach to the emoluments clause. How many other such things might be hiding in his tax returns that investigators have not come upon his connection to?

  • Yes I am interested in his tax returns.

    Trump wants to pull Obamacare with no idea what how he will replace it. I don't think he will be able to prevent taxes from rising, in which case it will be hard to justify why he doesn't pay any taxes. I think Trump's life is going to get very hard.

  • Yes, because all president-elects have released tax returns.

    Yes, I do care about his tax returns. What is he hiding? Is it that he doesn't pay taxes? If so, then perhaps he needs to be prosecuted for tax evasion. Is it that he doesn't make as much money as he claims to? If so, then he should probably stop lying about himself. Is it that he does shady deals with mafias around the world? If so, then he shouldn't be allowed to become our next president.

  • I don't care

    Honestly, y'all on the no side didn't care about his tax returns 3 years ago. No one cared until he started running for President. , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,, , , , , ,, , , , , , ,

  • The American people care

    The reporters keep hounding Trump on releasing his tax returns because the media knows that the people of America want to see them. This is the job of reporters. They seek out information that ordinary people don't have the means to get, and they disperse this information to make the public more aware. They are doing their jobs, representing the people who rely on them.

  • No, Donald Trump's tax returns are irrelevant

    Tax returns indicate all the sources of income, and all the things going on in that person's life that prevents them from spending that income as they would see fit. While this information can reveal what kind of choices a person has made, they do not have an important effect on their ability to be president. Anything a tax return could teach us about a president shows only decisions that would be made for them by Congress, as indicated in the constitution: The President cannot decide his sources of income, nor prevent himself from spending that income, without Congress's approval.

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