Donald Trump Is Targeting an Agency That Has Recovered $11.8 Billion for Consumers. Is he the most incompetent president ever?

  • Yes, Trump is the most incompetent president

    There are many reasons that Trump is an incompetent president, the most obvious is that he does not allow the viewpoint of others to be heard. His self righteous attitude gets in the way of listening to opposing views or considering alternative approaches. He is single minded and lets his ego rule his judgement.

  • Yes, he is.

    It’s not that Trump can yet measure anything as president because he’s accomplished absolutely nothing as of yet except signing a few presidential edicts that would have Republicans at full froth if they were done by a Kenyan Muslim. Trump is merely a product of his environment and none of it is good. What a broad swath of Muricans have done is to vote for a man they envy in his awful mediocrity. Trump is a naturally born ignoramus that is the result of being born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He never had to study. He never had to work and he is by any account a terrible businessman.

  • He is far from incompetent.

    Trump is smart and a natural strong leader. All of his proposed policies, from jobs to taxes to immigration, show he is very educated on what he is doing. His first week alone is amazing. He will do great things for the country. And if you want to talk about "Consumers", the U.S. Consumer Confidence Index was the highest its been for 15 years after Trump's victory and is still rising.

  • No, he is not incompetent

    I believe you could say a lot of things about Donald Trump, but him being incompetent is definitely not one of them. He will run America like he run his business - he will make a public show for poor and downtrodden to be amazed, while in the back room he will make deals with anyone who wants to do business with him.

  • No, he is not.

    President Trump cannot already be the most incompetent president ever, because he has only been in office for a week. Trump has not even passed any laws yet, nor have his executive orders really taken affect. It will take a few years to judge whether or not Trump is competent or not.

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