Donald Trump launches vulgar attack against Hillary Clinton: Is Trump alienating female Republican voters?

  • Donald Trump's trumpet is costing him the presidency

    Donald Trump's latest tirade against Hillary Clinton is more than alienating female Republican voters. It is alienating everyone. I think everyone was appalled when he used the most vulgar Yiddish term to describe her loss to Barack Obama. There are some who like him so much and feel he is refreshing when compared to the old humdrum Republican talking points but he has gone way too far. He stated that she was "disgusting" for going to the bathroom during the debates. What is disgusting about that? I'm sure his wife uses the bathroom every day. He takes the smallest things and tries to inflate them to belittle any opponent that faces him. I don't think he even cares about winning anymore, it has become a ploy to get headlines every week. I sincerely hope Republican women rise up and do something about him soon.

  • He is horrible to women.

    Although it seems like Trump keeps gaining support no matter what, I can't help but think that he is alienating female Republican voters. The attack on Hillary Clinton was out of line and had nothing to do with her policies. I think he should focus on how he is going to make the country better and stop attacking women.

  • Not at all!

    All of the allegations claiming that Trump is sexist are complete garbage. People need to do some research and read about what a person actually says, rather than reading what the media portrays what that person says.

    Donald Trump is not the kind of person that would have prejudice against women. For crying out loud, look at how successful his daughter is? If Trump were sexist, he would have never allowed his daughter to be a businesswoman.

  • I doubt it.

    Female republicans wouldn't know their best interest if it slapped them across the face. Same with working-class republicans, gay republicans, ethnic-minority republicans, or any marginalized individual who, for whatever bizarre reason, decides to align him/herself with the party of rich white men. Republican rhetoric is inherently misogynistic, racist, homophobic, anti-worker, anti marginalized person and pro powerful elite. I 'll never understand how such vast groups of marginalized Americans can be persuaded to vote against themselves.

  • Women that want to be treated as equals should not be offended

    Trump speaks the truth, or his opinion. Either way it is his words aimed at another. If it is offensive to women, then they have very thin skin - and I believe women are stronger than that. Why would that offend women? If women want to be treated as equals then they need to accept what that really means and not be offended by it.

  • Trump is a blowhard, but he is hitting a nerve

    Donald Trump has said many outrageous things since he announced his candidacy for president. Republicans who are supporting him like very much the things he has to say. It doesn't matter who he is attacking. The more he does it, the more the republican voters like it. This includes the women of the party.

  • Trump doesn't just see Hilary as a "woman"

    I respect Trump for attacking Hilary on her ideas but not for any attack on her being a female. To my knowledge, he has simply attacked her professional candor, accountability the fact that she is associated with so much scandal. Trump is right and brave to stand up against such a powerful person.

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