Donald Trump mocked a disabled reporter. Do he have the sensitivity to be president?

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  • He does not have sensitivity, but he isn't alone.

    Both of the main presidential candidates don't have sensitivity towards others. While Trump, as it states in the title, made fun of a disabled reporter, Hillary made fun of a young girl that was violently raped. This country is screwed due to both candidates for being childish and immature. If you wanted a good president, you should have let Carson have a chance.

  • No, Donald Trump's attitude is not presidential.

    No, Donald Trump doesn't have the sensitivity to be president. President-Elect Trump's offensive rhetoric towards disabled people, minorities and other groups shows that he is too volatile to be a good leader. His actions only serve to divide people, instead of helping to bring the country together as a president should.

  • It's clear Trump doesn't have the sensitivity to be a good president

    One of the biggest problems with Trump is that the only person he really loves in this world is himself, everyone else around him is there to boost his ego and make him look better. This type of personality trait doesn't lend itself well to genuinely caring and that is why he constantly makes insensitive unnecessary comments. A key part of being a good president is to be sensitive.

  • No, he has no sensitivity at all.

    Donald Trump lacks any sensitivity whatsoever. He doesn't care about other people. He is his own god, and the goal of every action he takes is to inflate his own sense of importance and superiority, and to give himself more money and power. That does not allow any room for sensitivity to the feelings of others, unless he feels that he can gain something by pretending to care about other people.

  • He has no sensitivity for others

    Donald Trump cares about no one but himself. He has no trouble jumping on Twitter and talking bad about anyone who offends him. This shows that he doesn't care about being kind or fair. He only cares about his own reputation and is quick to fire back at the first instance of someone questioning or criticizing him.

  • He lacks in plenty of ways... This is just one.

    There were a number of psychologists who came forward when he was still campaigning and described him as a sociopath. Psychology is a pretty hit-or-miss proposition, however psychologists almost never apply a diagnosis like this unless they've actually seen a patient so that should tell you something. He's also an unapologetic misogynist. This question must be courtesy of Captain Obvious.

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