• Trump is more open about his opinions and stances on things.

    Trump is more honest about his opinions and actually takes a stance rather than flipping to whatever is popular with the voters at the moment. Biden has NOT taken a side on numerous issues and will probably continue to change his values throughout his presidency. I respect any working man or woman, But I do not agree with his "values" or morality.

  • TRUMP. He is the only good canidate

    Biden is just a puppet and a liar, Trump is not racist, Sexist, Bigoted, Mysogionistic or any other one of those terms. He is not perfect but joe Biden doesn't know how to poor himself a cup of coffee in the morning or make anything useful of his life, If he can't do that, He can't run America properly.

  • Biden. .

    Trump is just a racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Islamaphobic, And basically any other phobic you can be, And a white supremacist. He only cares about himself and not the country. He keeps claiming the election, Which was fair and won by biden, Was rigged and even attempted a coup to stay in power. He's just a facist dictator.

  • I think this is biden

    If not biden trump is just disgusting I don't see why i have to explain this "tHe ElEcTiOn WaS cLeArLy A fRaUd" like seriously oml also why do i need 50 words i don't want to explain more h h h. H h h h h. H h h h

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