Donald Trump picks Washington insiders for cabinet positions: Is he breaking his promise to "drain the swamp"?

  • Yes, I think so.

    This is what the swamp looks like after you have drained it.This is what's at the bottom of the swap. Trump is a moderate Democrat. He has already reversed his position on the ACA and Roe v. Wade. He has staffed his transition team with insiders and lobbyists. He will break most of the promises he made to his gullible base.

  • Yes, Donald Trump is already breaking his campaign promises.

    Yes, Donald Trump is already breaking his oft-repeated campaign promise to "drain the swamp" of D.C. corruption. Already, the list of Trump's cabinet picks read like a who's-who list of billionaires and Washington insiders who have worked on past presidential campaigns. He needs to find fresh faces that can help him get rid of corruption.

  • Yes, Trump breaks his promise to bring change to Washington with his cabinet appointments.

    Yes, by appointing Washington insiders to fill his cabinet positions, Donald Trump is breaking his promise to "drain the swamp." Instead of clearing out the Washington establishment, Trump is bringing in more of the same. To truly "drain the swamp" Trump should look for true outsiders to participate in his government.

  • No, it still is possible to "drain the swamp" with current cabinet picks

    No, Donald Trump is not breaking his promise to "drain the swamp" with his selections for cabinet positions. Though the president elect has selected some Washington insiders, their knowledge and experience will be an asset in carrying out Mr. Trump's promises to Americans. Some of his picks are not insiders and hold positions similar to his own.

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