Donald Trump pledges to release his health record. Will Clinton follow?

  • Yes, she will.

    Biliary Clinton will release her health record, because she has been forthcoming about these kinds of things. She released her tax records even though she was not asked to, and once it was clear she could, she released emails. On the other hand, Trump will likely renig on his promise and will come up with some kind of excuse or clearly Doctor the records.

  • No, I do not believe that Hilary Clinton wants to release her health record

    No, I do not believe that Hilary Clinton wants to release her health record. I believe that Donald Trump is simply pledging to release his health record because he wants to make Hilary Clinton look bad for having a recent health scare. He wants to make her health a big issue in the campaign.

  • She won't do it.

    I think it's great that Trump is releasing his health record, but there is absolutely no way that Clinton will follow suit. The videos of her health episodes are alarming. They look a lot more like some type of neurological disorder than pneumonia, as she is claiming. She won't release health records because she has plenty to hide.

  • No, it is not necessary.

    Donald Trump is loosing it, just because Hillary Clinton had a minor health issue makes him thin that she is going to die in the next meeting. He has lost ground and now shift his focus to non issues. Hillary will not follow what Trump is doing. If Trump thinks releasing his health record necessary let him do so.

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