Donald Trump press conference: Do you think the Folders 'containing his business plan' were blank?

  • Yes, folders and paper in them all blank

    Because trump is the all about deception. He lies so much, even he doesn't know the truth anymore so this fits right in. Can't really take anything he says at face value. He speaks, listeners bounce in to fact check. Not "fat check" trump, fact check. Something America needs to do every time he opens his mouth. Helluva leader.

  • Yes, his folders are blank.

    Yes, I think that his folders were essentially blank. I imagine they were full of pages that were place holders, with the letters TBD all over them. That's because other than building a stupid wall nobody wants, dismantling Obamacare that people rely on, and trying to force the American public to admire him, this man has no plans.

  • Yes, those folders were blank

    If not blank, they were most certainly filled with irrelevant documents so that they could be used as a prop. Mr Trump didn't fool anyone with his show business tricks. Even near the end of his speech, he worked very hard to slip his "your fired" catch phrase into the conversation. I found it embarrassing.

  • Yes, I do.

    Donald Trump is not the brightest person, and really only cares about himself and his cronies. He has no ideas of his own and will let his cronies tell him what to do. The binders are probably empty becasue he has no original thoughts and just plans on letting other people tell him what to do.

  • No, the folders were not blank

    The folders containing Donald Trump's business plan to divest his assets were not blank. The story is another crazy allegation about Trump that cannot be proven. Trump's team came up with a plan to divest his business interests to the president-elect can avoid any conflicts of interests. There is no reason to show up to a press conference with blank folders.

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