Donald Trump recently called for a temporary ban on all Muslims into the United States. Is this a viable solution to what is happening with ISIS?

Donald Trump recently called for a temporary ban on all Muslims into the United States. Is this a viable solution to what is happening with ISIS?
  • Yes, in fact it should be made permanent.

    Why should we allow people into our country a cultural group whose prophet tells them to not be friends with us but to merely pretend to be friends with us (Koran 3:28)? That verse in the Koran alone would make Muslims automatically untrustworthy. Why allow people into the country if there is no potential for them to be good citizens?

  • Trump Can't Ban Muslims

    Donald Trump's call for a temporary ban on all Muslims coming into the United States is not a viable solution to the crisis in the Middle East with ISIS. It is a blatant violation of human rights laws around the world and the U.S. Constitution. Another major problem with this so called solution is that it would be impossible to enforce.

  • Trump's Statement Makes No Sense

    There are over 1 billion Muslims in the world , and in contrast, ISIS has some tens of thousands of ISIS fighters. While the number of ISIS fighters is incredibly scary, we still have to remember that the vast majority of Muslims, even just Syrians are innocent, non-terrorist civilians. Trump is making sweeping generalizations of all Muslims being terrorists just because a few attempt to corrupt the true meaning of the religion. If we applied this standard to every religion, almost everyone would be barred entry from the US because there are terrorists affiliated with almost every religious belief. This is a clear example of Trump racist, xenophobic, and Islamaphobic propaganda

  • He might as well be handing ISIS new recruits.

    This is an ideological war, we win by preventing muslims from joining ISIS. If we ban all muslims from the US, it will only confirm what ISIS is telling muslims and they will easily be able to paint us as the bad guys. If we truly want to combat ISIS we need to disprove their ideology while also combating their adherents on the ground.

  • It is idiotic

    Some of our most important allies in the fight against ISIS are Muslim. It would be stupid to ban people from countries we are allied with. Its also just wrong. Why shouldn't a Muslim family be able to come here to visit relatives or to tour? Why shouldn't a Muslim be able to come here on a business trip? Its absurd.

  • No, the Donald's Muslim ban is not a viable solution.

    As much as I actually like Donald Trump as a presidential candidate, his suggestion of a temporary ban on allowing all Muslims into our country is the one thing I solidly do not support. I believe this would only exacerbate the situation by denying good people. The bad guys are still going to find a way to get their evil done.

  • No, banning entry into the United States on religious grounds will strengthen ISIS's cause.

    No, banning all Muslims from entering the United States is not a viable solution to what is happening with ISIS. One of ISIS's core goals is to instigate a global war between their radical and violent interpretation of Islam and the rest of the world. A ban on Muslim immigration to the US, even if it is only temporary, will inadvertently reinforce the ideological goals of ISIS, while further marginalizing Muslims, the overwhelming majority of whom are unaffiliated with ISIS.

  • Pointless Blanket Statement

    Trump does not even mean this himself. He says comments like this to capitalize on the fears and insecurities of potential voters. There is no methodology to determine one's religion. Does he rely solely on how one looks? How does a Christian born in an Arab nation to Arab-appearing parents fare under his system? It's an absolutely impossible, short-sighted, vacuous statement that has given him more attention than he deserves.

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