Donald Trump refers to Belgium as a beautiful city: Does Trump need to brush up on World knowledge and basic civics?

  • He is actually a national disgrace

    Trump is a dunderhead, he should not be president, and we can't blame the voters for this because he lost the popular vote by 3million votes. Let's face it, the Electoral College is a farce, some times it forces presidents on us that nobody really wants. It is understandable that Trump's every action seems to be that of a dunderhead, because the worst people in America are his staunch advocates. What an unmitigated disaster.

  • Trump is a big dummy

    He needs to get a rudimentary education, he seems to have slept through school. Sadly our president seems no smarter than a ten year old, and this could be disastrous if we ever get into a nuclear conflict with North Korea. I shudder for the world's fate, I really do.

  • Donald Trump is a buffoon

    As bright as Donald Trump professes to be his knowledge is extremely lacking. It's almost shocking for a man with his own fleet of planes and the means of traveling anywhere to be so ignorant. So, this is who millions would want to put in control of this country. What does it say about them? It's not hard to learn the difference between a country and a city. Good luck to us all if he gets anywhere near White House.

  • Trump needs to brush up on world knowledge and basic civics

    Trump needs to brush up on his knowledge of the world and basic civics. He does not seem to understand basic facts, such as the separate branches of government. Early on in the primary season, he confused two countries. He has called for a wall to block immigrants, despite the fact that illegal immigrants have fallen.

  • He needs to brush up on a lot.

    Donald Trump has the knowledge of a naive school kid who sees the world through rose colored glasses and receives his knowledge from out dated television. He has no idea how the real world works outside of his fancy New York penthouses and his luxurious hotel rooms and offices. He may be able to make sneaky business deals but he couldn't run this country because he has no idea what is really going on.

  • Yes, I think that Donald Trump needs to brush up on world knowledge and basic civics.

    Yes, I think that Donald Trump needs to brush up on world knowledge and basic civics because Trump is very ignorant about world politics and makes complex issues seem simpler than they are. Trump referring to Belgium as a city is a perfect example of how Trump is not deserving of acting as the leader of the free world.

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