Donald Trump’s stock in Dakota Access oil pipeline company raises concern: Do you think it should be a concern?

  • Conflict of interest

    Trumps ownership of stocks and thereby of the company gives him motive to force the construction of the pipeline. The President is supposed to decide on issues without any bias and by keeping people's welfare in mind. It's going to be very difficult for a businessman like Trump to make decisions, such as stopping the pipeline, when they hurt his bank balance.

  • Yes, it is a littel bit of a concern.

    It is a bit of concern, but it’s not like it does not have a resolution. Trump should go ahead and put the investments in a blind trust, which would make it seem a little more legitimate. It would be a good-faith move on Trump’s part. His resistance to that is probably causing more concern than the actual stock is.

  • He is pro energy.

    Trump made it very clear when he ran for office that he approved of traditional use of fossil fuels. He did not hide this from the American people. Trump at the moment has nothing to do with what is going on with the Dakota Access oil pipeline. It is also not for federal troops to control. There is no conflict.

  • Trump is financially secure and is focused on America.

    While some may be concerned about Donald Trump's stock in the Dakota Access oil pipeline, I do not believe it is a serious issue. Trump's goal is to make America great again and s focused on the country and what is best for the American people. He is already financially secure, so his involvement in a single company's stock should not generate significant worry. The decisions he makes will not be self-serving, but for the good of the whole.

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