Donald Trump says he has donated millions in private. Do you think he has honored all his pledges to charity?

  • Yes, Donald Trump has probably honored all of his pledges to charity

    Yes, Donald Trump has probably honored all of his pledges to charity. Donald Trump is too rich to worry about giving money to charity. Furthermore, there is a tax deduction when people give money to charity. There is no reason for Donald Trump not to have donated the money so there is no reason to believe that he did not honor all of his pledges to charity.

  • No Chance Donald

    I do not believe Donald Trump has donated millions to charity. He is a man who earns so much money, and admits, himself, that he is rude to those less fortunate. He may have given some money to charity, but I do not believe he has honoured every single pledge he has made.

  • Someone needs to investigate this.

    Sorry, not impressed with Donald Trump one bit. He says one thing than he says another. For example now he is back tracking on his get rid of all Muslims statement trying to do damage control. So, I don't know what to think about his claims of helping so many charities my feeling is if so many are investigating Hilary Clinton on so many things why not investigate this claim by Trump.

  • Not my business

    Given the general impression Donald Trump has presented, it seems like a good possibility that he has not honored all his pledges to charity. However, there is no way to know for sure. Charity donations are intended to be a private matter, decided by individuals, so it is not anyone's place to judge Trump's donations.

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