Donald Trump Tweets That 'Media Is Fake': Should the president be held liable for false statements?

  • If the president lies, he should be held accountable

    Donald Trump has made several statements (particularly over Twitter) that are demonstrably untrue. When he is president he should be held accountable when he lies, as his inability to accept and tell the truth will become dangerous for the country's safety. Presidents should not be excepted from needing to be honest.

  • Yes, he should.

    He should be court martialed and tried for treason for the lies he has told. Donald Trump thinks that politicians do not have to tell the truth, but he forgets that the reason why Bill Clinton was impeached was because of the lies that he told. Not because he had an affair, but because he lied.

  • Trump should be held liable in public opinion, but not under any law

    Donald Trump can tweet whatever the hell he wants. Should he? No. He makes ill-thought out and inflammatory statements that hold no basis in fact. The best thing anyone in his administration could do would be to take away his access to social media. However, to suggest that he be held criminally liable for his statements is absurd. We live (thankfully) in a country with free speech. That freedom extends to the president. End of story.

  • He is allowed to state his opinion.

    Trump had a terrible time with the media during his campaign. He couldn't get his message to the people because Trump would say something and the media would twist it. Trump won the election anyways because he used Twitter to take his message right to the people. Trump should be allowed to state his opinion about it all.

  • Of Course Not.

    CNN is one of the most Bias media outlet in the US, and you cant get much more mainstream than that. The New York Times recently offered a public apology to readers for their bias reporting. If your upset about our leader informing us of corruption in our media, its likely your are a brain washed progressive.

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