• He has been successful.

    There have been very reports about Trump behaving unethically. That is, until he decided to run for President and people had to find a way to criticize him. But his businesses haven't gone the way of Enron, or Wells Fargo or any of the other businesses that have proved themselves to be corrupt. He is honest.

  • No, I`m not sure about that.

    He controls real estate, hotels, golf courses across the country and and all over the world. What if President Trump orchestrated a favorable trade deal in one of the countries where he holds property? Or if he set aside national park land near one of his golf courses? Or if Congress passed immigration or worker laws that affected his hotels or other ventures? A spokeswoman for Trump declined to say whether Trump would consider selling his companies to avoid potential conflicts.
    Conflicts of interest aren't just hypothetical scenarios. They can have real consequences.

  • No, I would not classify him as an ethical business owner.

    No, I would not classify him as an ethical business owner because he did not pay many of the people he hired to work for him. If he can make more money, he will do it no matter what. He will avoid paying taxes and paying decent salaries for workers.

  • No, Donald Trump is not an ethical business owner.

    USA TODAY has been conducting extensive research into lawsuits in which Trump and the Trump Organization has been involved. To date, they’ve identified 4,055 lawsuits. Trump asserts that lawsuits are just a natural part of doing business. These are not the ways of an ethical business owner. I would not trust Trump.

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