Donald Trump's "11 Year Old" Grammar: Should presidential candidates add more complex arguments & grammar when addressing their followers?

  • At least some of the time to show they are educated

    I understand the need to engage with people who may not be the most educated. I can understand dumbing down the language to express some key points. However, dumbing down everything makes me question their intelligence. Even if they have a master's degree it makes me think they stopped exercising their brain right after college.

    In particular they should add complex arguments and grammar to their campaign websites as necessary to express their views on things. Then they can attach a more simple summary to it and then people who want to know more can read the details.

  • Yes, potential leaders should sound more educaed.

    Yes, presidential candidates should use more complex grammar and arguments when they speak to the public. It is my belief that that the future leader of this country should be well educated and be able to show it through the way he or she speaks. The speaker should be understandable but not so simple that a three year old would understand him or her.

  • Yes, I believe that presidential candidates should add more complex arguments and grammar when addressing their followers.

    Yes, I believe that presidential candidates should add more complex arguments and grammar when addressing their followers because these individuals are considered to be the brightest because they have a chance at being the leader of the free world. Although using simpler language is easier for the masses to understand, I believe that presidential candidates should not use simpler language because they are placed on a higher pedestal.

  • Presidential Candidates should add more Complex Arguments and Grammar

    When a person runs for President, they are expected to be highly educated and a skilled rhetorician. Although they speak to citizens of all levels of education, it is expected that their arguments and grammar be above the average citizen. Presidential candidates need to show their abilities by including complex arguments and grammar in their speeches.

  • If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.

    Candidates should be clear about their policy and not use confusing wording. Even if you don't like Trump, his ability to cut to the point and quickly explain his ideas in a simple way is better than the other candidates. A lot of time using big words and complicated syntax can confuse and trick people. The average voter wouldn't know what was happening if candidates talked about specifics rather than their basic stance on an issue

    Posted by: Nawl
  • No because the political game is a joke.

    A good number of Americans don't even know what the president does, or who the vice president is, or anything outside their bubble. Americans can easily be distracted with big corporations, senseless television, and hell, even shiny stuff.

    Mr. Trump has been proven to be successful in swaying Americans to support him with his illogical fallacies and poor grammar because there is a large number of people who are uneducated and ignorant. I wouldn't be surprised if Mr. Trump becomes president and all hell broke loose.

    Sure, there should be expectations when it comes to the role of power in a great nation, but this is a democracy where even the lowest common denominator can have a voice and usually, they are the loudest.

  • Speak their language

    No, it's not good to use complex arguments and grammar when trying to woo voters, because a person needs to hear the candidate speak their language. It doesn't help to try to present the candidate as better than the voters. A candidate needs to explain to the voters why the voters should choose her, and using big words just because doesn't help with that.

  • Speak to your audience.

    More than half the voting age Americans read at less than 8th grade level, add in the 30 million Americans that can't read, and you're speaking the same language of more than half the country. It's Sad, but true. You want to communicate to and get the support of the the masses in something like an election. Everyone's making fun of trump about his "11 year old grammar".... Statistically, half of those people have the same or worse grammar than he does lol. I think that says more about americas state of affairs than it says about trump. And it's more than likely that he has speechwriters/ assistants, so that my not actually be the level of his grammar. Either way, maybe we should implement a middle school level test before allowing anyone to run for president, or to vote for a president for that matter. That's a lot of uneducated people deciding the country's fate for the next 4 years. If everyone tests the same way in math, that could explain our $19trillion debt ;-)

  • Can be a giant help to some

    Clearly if you simplify it the higher educated understand, and therefore should not matter. Its best for the candidate to put it however they want. You could almost say its a good thing he does that so people are confused by things they dont understand and therefore people will understand the policies much better. However, using big words shows they are educated and i feel big words should be used, but its also a good thing to simplify so people understand the policies

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