Donald Trump's Hollywood star was destroyed. Does he incite violence on both sides?

  • Yes, he does.

    More violence from his supporters, but there have definately been people on the other side that have commited some violence. The destruction of his star wasn't violence so much as it was an incompetent thief who got frustrated and tried to destroy the star instead of stealing it and selling it.

  • Yes, He Sure Does.

    Donald Trump really knows how to stir the pot. He says the most outlandish things in order to get a rise out of people. His supporters wear shirts that feature Hillary Clinton with a target on her face. But then again, there was the arson case of the North Carolina GOP office getting fire bombed. He incites violence on both sides.

  • The only thing that incites violence, is a persons inability to control their emotions.

    I imagine the person who smashed the star probably smashes his girlfriends property when he gets upset with her for not answering his phone call. I'll bet if he was walking past a parking lot and he saw the jock from high school who gave him a wedgy walking away from his vehicle, this asshole would probably run up to the car and slash the tires.

  • Donald Trump incites more violence from people against him.

    There have been much fewer instances seen of people that claim to be pro-Trump to start fights, riots, desecration, and other violent acts. Most of the stories are from anti-Trump supporters committing these crimes claiming they are in protest or response to something he said or did. There have been street statues that mock both, but I have only seen stories of the Hillary statue being destroyed by Democrats on claims it was "offensive" while the Trump statue gave a good laugh and was then ignored.

  • No, I Don't Believe Donald Trump Incites Violence.

    No, I do not believe that Donald Trump incites violence rather I feel that he often gets blame for it. There is evidence of Democrats paying people to incite violence at Trump rallies and other places to make it look like it's Trumps fault. It seems that the Democrats and Clinton are much more into the use of violence than Trump and his supporters.

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