• Yes she should.

    Donna Brazile ought to resign from her role as CNN's. This is after she joined politics to become the acting chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee. As a result of Donna Brazile, the CNN is upset with her decision to join the Clinton campaign. She should not be involved in two major roles.

  • She is not a fair journalist.

    Donna Brazile should resign because she leaked emails to the Hillary Clinton campaign. She is not the unbiased journalist that she claimed to be. Clearly, she was trying to sway the election, because she favored one side over the other. Voters need to know that their journalists will do better than that.

  • Yes, I think so.

    Removing Brazile is not nearly enough! Well, removing Brazile sounds like a good start. What about the rest of the people obviously involved in the HRC collusion? This was not just a 1 or 2 person event. Support for Clinton and the collusion became a clear majority within the party. How deep can the Dems stand to cut, and what sort of principle can guide the knife?

  • Donna Brazile should stay

    Donna Brazile was elected interim chairperson of the Democratic National Committee following the DNC's major scandals over the summer. She has no reason to resign - she's been doing excellent work and therefore should remain in her position regardless of the pressure from the alt-right that seem bent on forcing her resignation.

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