Don't give Jamal's father the $1, 000, 000's please don't!

  • What the hell is this about

    I mean i guess i have know id what hes talking about so pls tell me nndjnvjdncjkvd fhdfjdjk bvcbx c c c c cc d dsc xc xcxc x zxc c c c c xxcc x ffwqdweghgrqefwtrylukjhgf tu oo etyu;, Hg f d e dfghj lhkjhgewdadgfdf g wesfsdf dsf d end

  • Don't do it!

    Don't give that father the ransom because we don't want Jamal and his mommy to come back. However, I do want Starlord 616, Cmacynsk2, Kacke, And their allies back because they need to kick fat spammers balls hard. So do not let Jamal's father take the ransom and do NOT let him accept fat spammers offer to join forces.

    Sincerely, David-Nicholas

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